Bitcoin Cash on Gemini, Robinhood Hints at TRON – Today’s Crypto News


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In this video, Mattie talks about Bitcoin Cash being listed on the Gemini exchange and rumours about Robinhood listing Tron. He also gives you the latest from our Community Speaks segment and the eos hackathon winner. This is a daily segment!
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Crypto Exchange Gemini Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Trading and Custody

Crypto Exchange Gemini Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Trading and Custody

Bitcoin Cash Is Now Available on Gemini!

Robinhood Hints That It might List TRON

Robinhood Hints That It Might List TRON

Robinhood Tweet

DERO Introduction – Community Speaks

DERO Introduction – Community Speaks


EOS Global Hackathon Winner Announced

EOS Global Hackathon Winner Announced

EOS VC Rewards GeneOS with 500,000$

EOS VC Rewards GeneOS with 500,000$

Genomic Project GeneOS Wins Grand Prize of US$500,000 at EOS Global Hackathon Grand Finale in Cape Town

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Bitcoin Cash on Gemini, Robinhood Hints at TRON – Today's Crypto News

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  1. it is the 4 th or the 5th of 2000 coins in marketcap, they have a good team. any top 10 coins is a a good buy long term. don’t believe the FUD.

  2. This DERO sound’s like a scam on first listen. Its a bunch of buzzwords and promises everything. First red flag is the claim ethereum is a DAG. Its not, DAG is the type of system IOTA uses. Its on Trade Ogre which I think lists almost pretty much exclusively cryptonote coins, these are usually just easy to do forks of monero and are often heavily premined.

    Please do some research before investing. I’m not taking the time to look into it, but it sounds shady as hell to me.

  3. Populous PPT, FoodCoin FOOD and THETA token are the best crypto projects so far!!! *FoodCoin*: Very Good. Slow (Biggest gains to come between 1 to 4 years). I can see this will be great. They are really seriously trying to do this. It’s just a matter of time and all challenges that go with it. They are going to do it and this makes me happy because there are also humanitarian/relief benefits too. *Theta*: Very Good, Slow and steady for next 5 years. Over $1,000 in 4 Years. Over 4,000% increase in medium term (4 to 12 months) from when I announced it at 13 cents. So yes I believe that it will be over $5.00 in next 12 months (which is 4,000%). Theta isn’t something that’s going to be this super quick big pay right now. Theta is like the turtle…slowly but surely, it inches its way up. Theta is the one that I see further down the road that just blows up, and people didn’t see it coming. People that have it now or get it and hold on are going to be amazed. The people who just sit on it and wait are sitting on a goldmine. And it’s my favorite for the people because even those who do not have large disposable incomes or large sums of money to invest can still obtain a large enough amount to change their lives! BUY MORE AND HODL!

  4. and did you do your research before talking?
    currently all the promises of dero are already in the mainnet, except the smartcontracts for which there will be the testnet in few days. Where did you read that dero said that ethereum is a dag? Iota is a dag but that of dero is a block-dag, they are different things. Dyor. To conclude Dero is written from scratch, not a fork of monero.

  5. +Cryptorobe I completely admit I’d done zero research before commenting. Right in this video he read something about ETH being a DAG. This set off alarm bells in my head. Add to that the number of scammy cryptonote coins on Trade Ogre and it didn’t look good to me. It could be a great project, but I’d highly recommend a very close look into it before jumping in.


  7. F-150 right!! Lol it came out of nowhere and all of the sudden it sits on the top 10. I’ll pass on that project

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