Bitcoin Bulls on a Break, 30% DROP? KIK ICO vs SEC, Opacity Launch – Crypto News

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Bitcoin continues to drop, but when will it end? How big will this correction be? This is something Mattie will discuss in today's video as well as the drama between the SEC and KIK. Mattie will take a detailed look at Opacity's launch.
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#Opacity 1.0 Launches today! (Sponsored)

OPACITY (OPQ) – Blockchain Storage Solution

Bitcoin Correction Calls Mount: Will BTC Drop 30% to $6,400?

Bitcoin Correction Calls Mount: Will BTC Drop 30% to $6,400?


Bloomberg Trend Indicator Suggests More Pain For Bitcoin

#Bitcoin Bull Exhaustion Emerges as Prices Drops

Bitcoin Bull Exhaustion Emerges as Prices Drops

The #SEC Sues Kik for its $100 Million ICO

The SEC Sues Kik for its $100 Million ICO

The SEC Case Against Kik’s ICO Appears Strong, Experts Say

The FBI Is Calling Victims of QuadrigaCX to Come Forward with Personal Details

The FBI Is Calling Victims of QuadrigaCX to Come Forward with Personal Details

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Bitcoin Bulls on a Break, 30% DROP? KIK ICO vs SEC, Opacity Launch – Crypto News

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  1. Be accountable for your own actions..SEC = control Fed has trading desk think about that..We dont want a nanny state

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  3. When it comes down to making money from binary trading,it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to learning and when i say learning, i do not mean watching tutorials or articles, there are many indices these tutorials wont tell you or your average trader wont even be aware of. to be honest, my best advice to an inexperienced person is to get a professional to help you. you will lose money on your own FACT

  4. Pledgecamp’s approach to crowdfunding will put an end to ICO drama once and for all, and not a minute too soon.

  5. Opacity is another Money Grab like OysterPearl!
    They burned all initial investors…
    (I am still owed 8BTC by those Scumbags!)
    Word of advice…

  6. With this current bear market this will be the smartest moves to make, thanks alot!

  7. I think future startups looking to raise funds can use crowdfunding platform of Pledgecamp, fully decentralized and essentially it will be similar to ICO but with more security features to help protect backers from scam projects

  8. Crypto is dead for at least a yr or two. Looking to exit my hodl. The short sellers trying to kill crypto at the banks have way more $ than me.

  9. Callie Peck well, there are no people around of what you call proffessionals in crypto.
    Reason being it is still very new and extremely different from normal equities and commodity trading 😉
    Advice rather beginners to take online courses and do pseudo trades with friends and learn from eachotjer.

    When you feel more ready, start real trafing with SMALL amount of money and expect them to be lost but take learning from each ‘failed’ trade. 🙂
    And dont forget: share your knowledge!

  10. how much more can they kill us? The bottom is near. You do you and with this strategy you have, the banks will always own you.

  11. Loni Chowdhury NOBODY owns me, but the banks DO have several trillions more than I do.

  12. again, the scammer isn’t anymore in the team – they’ve formed a new team and left all behind – also the old code. they’ve lost also a lot of money but managed to program such a sweet product. just give it a try.

  13. renewblah I’ll give it a try once my 8 BTC get refunded!
    Also, in 3 months another rogue “scammer” will “accidentally” cause another hack and all the funds will be lost!
    Give me a fucking break!

  14. Looked into Opacity, very interesting! Thanks for the tip, I’ll invest some of my portfolio.

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