Bitcoin BULLISH | $100K BTC 2020 | EU Launch | Bitcoin News

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Happy Diwali #Crypto Fam

When $100,000 #Bitcoin #BTC

Bitcoin #China Optimism

Crypto. com launch in EU is pretty interesting

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Bitcoin BULLISH | $100K BTC 2020 | EU Launch | Bitcoin News


  1. @altcoinbuzz .. Mattie do you own a MCO card and do have a video explaining the process of setting it up and getting the $50 reward?

  2. @Bronson Slade Yeah i have a card, been using it for a year in Singapore. Mattie doesnt have one as it’s not available in Canada. I can consider making a video on how to use the referral code – Ragrds Shash

  3. is cool so far im earning % on my link in there as well as price rise. the supply is low for the mco coin so price would seem to rise i think its a awesome platform as well …

  4. My brother studies economics. I asked his opinion on Bitcoin price. He thinks Bitcoin will be 15-18k in November.

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