BITCOIN BULL TRAP? Technical Analysis on BTC

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After the recent BTC rally, Mark gives an update to the BTC chart. Find out what he's watching the charts for now!

Mark is an active crypto trader and enthusiast but is not a professional advisor. Please do your own research when making an investment decision and never invest more than you can lose.

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BITCOIN BULL TRAP? Technical Analysis on BTC


  1. Why I think ETN is going to take off by the end of 2018:
    A) Coinbene listing by the end of this month and most likely other bigger exchanges in the near future.
    B) Richard Ellis said that Electroneum’s features will become available in September. This includes instant payment.
    C) Electroneum’s advertising campaigns will start to acquire mass adoption of their coin within 2019.

    Just my 2 cents though…🤔

  2. CaptainGaming yeah really haven’t been followed the ETN tech have you? Its blockchain is trash and they don’t even know how to fix it. So much ETN double spending and 51% attacks

  3. Very Informative very Simply …. Eloquently Explanation…. profits margin INFORMATION….. this is FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE…HALLELUYAH I AM

  4. Short & Sweet, Thanks Man. Lets Keep that Positive Mind Going Strong, Awesome Times are Around The Corner, Peace

  5. Mark, you are my favourite reviewer on AltcoinBuzz. I stopped watching Altcoin Buzz but ever since you arrived on the scene and being active, I have been actively watching your videos.

  6. Your welcome Andres! Thank you for watching. I’m a bull at heart…just want to see us clear that first hurdle!

  7. You are welcome! We’re all friends here. Well pretty much…I’m sure I’ll have some haters…lol

  8. Same here, I watch all of Mark’s videos and not much else on Altcoin Buzz. News presented by Mattie are usually a little bit old and I like some of Jeff’s livestreams, but more for entertainment purposes than for anything else. 😛

  9. It’s going up to 9 K and then down to 5K in the next few months. Then up to 80 k by the beginning of 2021

  10. Don’t stop the hustle and grind when it comes to crypto, because if you do, you’ve already lost half the battle!

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