Bitcoin Bull Run To $300k BTC, Bank of China Bullish

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Bitcoin's price gets back above $10,000 as new data suggest a $300,000 BTC bull run! Mattie will also look into China's biggest hodler in the bitcoin infographic by the Bank of China. Finally, he will look at industry dynamics revealed in a new crypto report.
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Bitcoin Price Retakes $10K as Fresh Data Supports Giant $300K+ Bull Run

Meet China’s Largest ‘Hodler’ in the #Bitcoin Infographic Released by Bank of China #bullrun BTC

Meet China’s Largest ‘Hodler’ in the Bitcoin Infographic, Released by Bank of China

Industry Dynamics Revealed in New #Crypto Report

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Bitcoin Bull Run To $300k BTC, Bank of China Bullish


  1. Amount of these titles I see popping up on my notification bar, bitcoin to 200k etcc,

  2. We’re still in a bear market. We’ve already seen the highest it’s going to be this year.

  3. I’m a long time Bitcoin holder but I have more than enough of those stupid predictions.

  4. ey listen me , bitcoin price is very Volatile , dont wait for price up trending,
    just convert your bitcoins into binancetraders com and double your portfolio in some days
    i already make profit 7500$ with binancetraders com website,

  5. How do you protect your bitcoin from being stolen, or…. The website absconding with it??
    If you buy a wallet? Ist the wallet going to get corrupted or lost?

  6. We may be entering a new Crypto Cold War. Which country can accumulate more Bitcoin? The USA, China, Russia, IRAN, who?

  7. they’re pulling numbers out of their asses with no shame. yeah it sounds like 15 and 20 and 30k are already in the pocket. so tired of laughing .

  8. 300k!. i don’t have the energy to laugh anymore. these clowns are pulling insane numbers out of their asses with no shame. yeah they make it sound like 15 and 20 and 30k are already in the pocket.

  9. Hardware wallets come with a ‘recovery seed’ which allows the funds to be recovered if the wallet is lost, destroyed or stolen.

  10. Just buy and forget about the market. Enjoy the summer cuz this market has no rules and pumps and dumps can happen anytime because volume is so low and exchanges are going to get shot down sooner or later.

  11. @S. Giles wow! Thanks! What is a recovery seed? I know! Just google it! Thanks for your reply.

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