Bitcoin BULL RUN Imminent! Where to Spend Crypto? $100,000 Collectable – Cryptocurrency News

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When bitcoin takes off and you would like to spend some of your crypto gains, where would you then do that? Mattie will give you a variety of options for spending crypto as well as talk about the latest collectibles and whales buying the dip.
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$100,000 Crypto Collectable!?

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BTC Bull Run imminent!

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BTC whales buy the dip!

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Bitcoin BULL RUN Imminent! Where to Spend Crypto? $100,000 Collectable – Cryptocurrency News


  1. I can’t envisage spending Bitcoin on products when it’s value is so volatile. I don’t want to buy a pizza for $37,000,000, ya know?

  2. Buy ASG on p2pb2b exchange before it’ll grow, predictions are good plus all this hype about environmental stuff♻♻ Pretty sure it is 🚀🚀🚀

  3. Thanks for the ASG on p2pb2b exchange, made great profit 🤑🤑 I recommend to join before the price gets too high

  4. Cool stuff! I sold ASG with 10x profit on p2pb2b exchange 🤑 recommend this token, great ROI 🚀

  5. I recommend to have a look at Asgard on p2pb2b exchange, people invest loads of money in environmental field now, should work well 🌏🤘🏻

  6. Please stop saying Satoshis.. 1 Bitcoin is 1 Bitcoin and 0.00100000 is 100, 000 bits.. Hence Bitcoin!!!

  7. I’d beware all cryptos when they get so expensive they are out of reach of normies. The flagship coins (BTC, ETH, and LTC to smaller extent) are kinda already there….. learn to buy in when things are cheap and learn to “merely” appreciate 3x or 5x profits guys.

  8. Why would you do that? Then you have to buy the bitcoin for fiat and pay a fee for buying it. Also you can possible trade your bitcoin that can have a possible much high value in the future. Bitcoin is better for a store of value just 🙂

  9. If you’re buying gold or silver I’d go with JM Bullion or Provident Metals. You can buy your first 10 oz at spot price and they accept BTC.

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