Bitcoin BREAKOUT | FED Payment System | BTC Beats Stocks

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Fed to develop real-time payments system for launch in 2023 or 2024

Bitcoin Price Surges Past $12,000 Amid the Extremely Weak Yuan

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Links Bitcoin Surge to US-China Trade War

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire Links Bitcoin Surge to US-China Trade War

Crypto.Com MCO July 2019 Updates Adds Binance Coin (BEP2) To Crypto Earn

HPB Establishes Korean Market Presence — Gaining on the Competition

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Bitcoin BREAKOUT | FED Payment System | BTC Beats Stocks


  1. LOL there it is FEDCOIN… gimmie a break, well we knew something like this was going to surface. they just dont get it……NOTHING they do will stop bitcoins growth. best they can do is slow it but the harder they push the stronger it gets.

  2. Finally BTC started to show serious moves. Buy for at least $100 to get one time $5 in crypto on Linkkoin exchange website.

  3. lol the fed announcement somehow left out the adjective ‘inexpensive’ in their description of what we all deserve.

  4. By Friday Bitcoin will drop more than it already has, possibly late tomorrow. 15000 won’t happen

  5. US China trade and currency war, together with uncertainty over Brexit, looks like its going to push Bitcoin, Łitecoin and crypto market higher and higher 🌔 🛰

  6. This sounds like the Fed wants even more control over our money.

    Lol. They are asking for our opinions? Sure they are. Every night where our opinions get temporary stored most likely will be put on a server in an abandoned building and deleted each day. They are so full of crap. Honestly….Crypto was born because of to much Govt control in out financial business. Hang on crypto brothers and sisters the ride is about to get bumpy.

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