Bitcoin Boom or Bust? – Crypto Lark Community Chat

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This week I discuss what is happening in the Bitcoin markets and answer your questions. Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!



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Bitcoin Boom or Bust? – Crypto Lark Community Chat


  1. Hi Lark. You’ve got really good skin. It glows! Do you exfoliate? Can you tell me what skin products you use?

  2. I think some of your subs are Bust. 🤨 Free will is an illusion…just like time and space. Always a pleasure Lark. Mahalos for trying to save us from ourselves.

  3. I agree about the FUD. There has been so much FUD for so long that most of us that have been in for more than 6 months we’re just numb to it all. I just hope that complacency doesn’t set in and we start to ignore the real issues if and when they arise.

  4. Peter Angel He uses the sperm of the eastern gorilla every morning. It’s an old Chinese remedy. You should try it. 😂

  5. Anyone still seeking advice/interviews from Jordan Belfort causes them to lose credibility, bigtime! Agree with your opinion on him Lark!

  6. Seen ads for stellar lumens on the side of a black hackney cab. First time ive seen crypto ads in that form. The masses are coming!

  7. Tried to pay off my student loan in full and bank declined, even though i have the funds, and then the hassle of trying to unblock my account 😡

  8. This was a great discussion, fell asleep halfway in ( 3 am here ) It’s so so important for people to understand what the Blockchain is and that Bitcoin wasn’t just a one-time thing. I’ll be sharing this on my page, don’t stop Larky… It’s always nice to find like-minded people.

  9. Great Content LArk, Did you already bought Vechain and Pundi X? you were investigating these projects

  10. Let’s first make it 1 cent. 1 BTC = $100 000. Once we make it, 1 sat = $1 is a matter of 2-3 years.

  11. About the bitcoin boom / bust from cnbc, the Africa part, that is actually a problem that is being solved by telcoin. Really urge you to look into it!

  12. Lark you are my favorite my man! You put the philosophy before the value of the coins. This is a movement we are witnessing here. Find the projects putting real tech out there and implementing it. I dig Andreas Antonopoulos for the same reasons. You are up there with him on my list. The value of the philosophy are way larger than the value of the coin. It is a movement, and this is what inspires me to be involved. I love making money, but sticking it to the middle man (banks/govenment) and decentralizing the economy is the exciting part. Let’s face it, this world is too small for anything less than a global currency. It’s a pleasure watching you, and thanks for keeping me up to date in your way. You are cool as ice cream!

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