Bitcoin Bear Trend NOT FINISHED? [BTC & Crypto News 2021]


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Bitcoin bear trend finished? BTC & Crypto news 2021

0:00 Today in Bitcoin
1:21 Bitcoin Analysis
8:19 Cmon Man!!! BTC
12:30 Bitcoin Volcanoes
13:30 The International Mafia
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Bitcoin Bear Trend NOT FINISHED? [BTC & Crypto News 2021]

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  1. F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• P•R•O•F•I•T •• A•N•D I•N•V•E•S•T•M•E•N•T••

  2. F•O•R•• M•O•R•E •• P•R•O•F•I•T •• A•N•D I•N•V•E•S•T•M•E•N•T••

  3. It’s not a battle for the future of Bitcoin…’s a battle for freedom and liberty.

  4. I’m expecting wepons of mass destruction to be found and 80,000 US troops have been deployed to el Salvador. I hope I’m wrong. I think their president is a legend. Best of look AND LOVE to them from the UK

  5. T.h.a.n.k.s f.o.r w.a.t.c.h.i.n.g
    F.o.r m.o.r.e g.u.i.d.a.n.c.e

  6. It does show a positive sign for $BTC when the IMF gets involved due to El Salvador making it legal tender. Let’s hope other countries get on board. Then we can call it a revolution and become an unstoppable force. The IMF cannot stop.

  7. Loving your “Wealth Mastery” newsletter Lark some serious amount of focus and attention goes into that !! Much love Dude !!

  8. Unfortunately for the US they don’t have any means of covering that up. The fact it was followed by so much media every hour of the way is like insurance whether it was conscious or not.

  9. Any time you’ve got 90% of YouTubers putting on their space suits, putting an excessive number of rocket emojis in their video titles and have Moon Lambo saying stupid things like “I’ll bet the bears are feeling silly” that’s a bad sign.

  10. The Death Cross, for me, is like a target highlighting more opportunities to stack. This may be THE shakeout some of us have been expecting. The whales will use that Death Cross to snatch possibly the last of the cheap Bitcoin sold by weak hands.

  11. Seriously. Especially if youve been able to live on it. This makes me physically ill sometimes. But I just try to remember these lessons I know will make me millions in the years to come

  12. Woohoo,so happy for El Salvador. Kiaora from New Zealand 🇳🇿 Lets do the same Jacinda?🙏😊

  13. I M F is one of the most unethical organizations in the world…and their employees should be treated as such at best.

  14. Lol yeah, imagine the Alt Right media talking points this week “Btc funds drugs, guns, child trafficking” incoming for sure! Let’s hope it’s still too soon for the ridic WMD line again, they don’t have a Collin Powell to fall on that grenade.

  15. Unfortunately our Jacinda will only do what she is told by uncle’s Grant Robinson and Adrian Orr. There ain’t a snowballs chance in hell that either of them would have considered even a crypto wallet let alone challenge the kiwi dollar(50c) with BTC. We can only stack sats and chill brother/sister.

  16. look what they did to Sadam for taking gold for oil…. I’m legit worried for El Salvador

  17. You’re getting it wrong. US is no longer a threat.
    Watch how COVID 19 increases in these South American nations.

  18. Well said. Should be recommended reading in high schools along with 1984, Animal Farm and the Gulag Archipelago.

  19. The sooner other countries join el salvador, the better, and the harder it will be for the IMF to be effective.

  20. I also think the chance of other countries following suit is higher than El Salvador renouncing Bitcoin as a valid currency.

  21. The International Mafia Familia and Uncle Scam soon to El Salvador’s rescue to liberate it from freedom.

  22. Our thoughts are aligned Harris! I subscribed to your channel “just because” . . . Even though you don’t want/need the subscription.😆

  23. << The recent pullback run is identical to the previous two. Remember when everyone previously used the Robinhood app (or Coinbase pro) before what Robinhood did with the GME stock buying which led to the mass exodus from Robinhood to alternative apps. That was before my time with Bit¢σιи but I heard about it. Well, since now so many people use Bi-nance, Bybit etc and everyone is shorting Bit¢σιи on those platforms all at the same levels, could this have anything to do with the bull market potentially being over with Bit¢σιи? It’s a sincere question we should find answers to in other not to make too many losses. At the moment, the PI indicator is about to indicate a Bitcoin low. From observations of bitcoin halving cycles, there should be at least other 4 months in this bull run after the pullback, so, if the PI indicator (and Bitcoin) might repeat a similar bull run to 2013. That would mean a local top relatively enough, but I was still stucked between massive losses due to my lack of technical understanding of how to analyze the digital market, all this changed when I encountered Renato Jace's service., although I have been into numerous services but Renato Jace stands out with experienced expertise in the field. I must confess it wasn't an easy task learning the routes on trading but with his assistance, I earned a lot Ͳҽ Ӏҽցɾ ąʍ @Renatojace ,,, ░ w ░ p ░ + 1 5 5 1 2 8 7 6 2 0 2,,,

  24. It’s so amazing to see my portfolio grow progressively, i never believed it would be this easy but Jace made it possible by sharing his strategy and insight on trading.

  25. I basically didn’t know much about Crypt0 before I met Jace, now I can navigate the market myself.

  26. that was good news 2 months ago…do you think btc is going to lose another 50% from here,i don”t think so.

  27. T•h•a•n•k•s==f•o•r==w•a•t•c•h•i•n•g==d•o•n•t==f•o•r•g•e•t==t•o==s•u•b•s•c•r•i•b•e
    W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p M•e F•o•r I•n•v•e•s•t•m•e•n•t

  28. T•h•a•n•k•s==f•o•r==w•a•t•c•h•i•n•g==d•o•n•t==f•o•r•g•e•t==t•o==s•u•b•s•c•r•i•b•e
    W•h•a•t•s•A•p•p M•e F•o•r I•n•v•e•s•t•m•e•n•t

  29. @K C DITTO! If you haven’t, read The Confessions of an Economic Hitman………just summary’s Lark’s point.

  30. The rich see’s economy crisis as a garage sale, that’s why investing right now will be the best decision

  31. The Rich stay by spending like the poor and investing Non stop,while the poor stay by spending like the rich and yet not making any Investments

  32. It’s unfair on how things have turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult BTC trading has helped me maintain financial stability.

  33. The right choice of investment has always been a big problem for me because I know that picking up the wrong investment will leave a big scar in the future.

  34. There might be so many investment out there but if profit must be considered which is the actual sole aim of every investment then I’ll advice you to go into bitcoin trading because it has a higher profit rate than most investments.

  35. I have heard alot about bitcoin trading too is it really profitable as people say it is ?

  36. Wow ! That’s an awesome return on investment right now Please what strategy did you use and how can I start up my investment.

  37. Is unfair that government has never really cared about us as long as their pockets are far enough to fend for their families and luxurious items maybe investing will be of help to me.

  38. Why do you have to pollute the comment section with your shills. A revolution is happening and you are just out to fleece people. Shame on you.

  39. Wow, some organization upset at El Salvador for adopting Bitcoin? Is that supposed to be news?

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