Bitcoin Bad News At Critical Moment!


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Bitcoin bill is bad news at a critical time for BTC! Bitcoin analysis 2021

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Bitcoin Bad News At Critical Moment!

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  1. Politicians and political campaigns are heavily funded by banks , this has the stench of banks all over it , banks are running scared of the future of defi , and using the politicians they fund to do their dirty work

  2. Smart holders know it will be 3 years before the infrastructure bill will actually be implemented.

  3. Pretty Sure Elon Musk , Jack Dorsey , VISA , Mark Cuban , Apple Pay , Wells Fargo , Goldman and the people that own this country will have something to say about it. Those Politicians will be voted out if they try stopping crypto .

  4. Isn’t the BILL bad news for the US Gov’t?
    Crypto isn’t confined to the US borders. It will grow regardless of Janet Yellen and her boomer crew.

  5. As a lawyer I can say with 100% confidence that the poorly drafted crypto provision would be successfully challenged in the courts as being overly broad and vague. So relax. It will eventually get fixed. No FUD is necessary.

  6. Janet Yellen did video talks, at home, not with 500 people but a few bankers. She got $7.5 million. Any wonder she is for banks.

  7. Until the backward-oriented authorities become extinct no positive forward moving can occur. That’s harsh but true, unfortunately.

  8. Every day we hear about the government, the Fed, the SEC. I’m not in the US but it seems the septics run the world.
    getting sick of it.

  9. ‘Don’t keep any more money in Fiat Banks than you can afford to lose’ 🎢

    Digital passports, inflation and banking crises are a reminder of the urgency of moving into Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin and crypto.

  10. I love how the comments section is handling this FUD with more maturity and understanding than most of the tuber crowd, I love it

  11. Maybe US needs to stop having boomers as politicians….from the way they talk, its like explaining how an iphone works to your mom/dad

  12. Switzerland’s great place but not for an American they’re very hard on Americans

  13. With a salary of just over $200,000 that makes around 98% of her $7,000,000+ income from her bank and hedge fund backers. 98%. Anyone making that much from banks and hedge funds won’t put America first.

  14. The idea behind what Saylor said is that in 4 years its going to be worth so much that you won’t care about the volatility. 45k today is going to be 200-500k in 4 years.

  15. I see it sooner with a collapse to follow. They’re trying very hard to take down the US economy.

  16. @R A But we can’t be certain about that; look at the governments already clamping down on crypto. I don’t know if Saylor ever mentioned that part of the equation.

  17. Ted Cruz is right. The language in the bill about crypto doesn’t need any ammendments. It needs to be taken out.

  18. Corrupt Janet Yellen made $7 million in speaking fees from big banks in 2018-2020. That’s how they pay corrupt politicians off folks…speaking fees and book deals.

  19. Crypto is beyond republican or democrat. Both parties are funded by the banks and are threatened by defi. Trump too has spoken about how he dislikes bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a whole.

    We need to unite over this and hold our representatives on both sides accountable to what the voters want and not what their donors want.

  20. It’s worse. Anti-democratic groups like the WEF have been pressuring governments to regulate private cryptocurrencies while at the same time infiltrating major defi players like Uniswap. So you now have a situation where the WEF pushes for regulation while the WEF is also negotiating this regulation on the behalf of defi players like Uniswap. They are literally paying a WEF lawyer to “defend” defi against WEF regulation. That was co-drafted by that same lawyer.

    They might have screwed defi as a whole. Never allow the WEF near anything you hold dear.

  21. Wich should be illegal by law. But then again, the politicians make the laws so they can do whatever they want lol. They are worse than any criminal organization in the world.

  22. Exactly. The Bills arnt written by Congress. Lol. It’s written by attorneys representing big banks. Also the average low IQ congressman isint even going to try to read a bunch of legal code. Couldn’t even if they wanted to… just like the Obamacare fiasco. The bill was drawn up by lawyers working on behalf of insurance companies.

  23. Since when did these legislators and politicians get to decide how humanity can conduct it’s financial markets

    Something is seriously wrong with how we have let society, laws and financial matters be dictated to us

  24. I don’t care about their age we just want smarter and more honest people, but most of them tend to stay away from politics.

  25. Exactly …. Do you think those senators actually WROTE the amendment?
    Hell no, the don’t know what a blockchain is. It was written for them.

  26. There are also multiple education diplomas popping up in university now on crypto. Great time as a crypto enthusiast to live in Switzerland 🙂

  27. This boomer despises government overreach into the pocket of people. This “regulation” adversely affects the free market and just hurts the little folks…us.

  28. If and when it passes it will be different from what it is now. No point pissing pants until we know the final result of this bil

  29. Aren’t the banks in on it? They want “their” brokers to control defi, not just any retail investor that can stake to an authenticator node.

  30. Allowing government to have a say so at all is wrong… I thought this was the cancel culture.. CANCEL CANCEL CANCEL

  31. China doesn’t want us to be the leader in cryptocurrency this is why China Joe Biden most of the Democrats and some RINOS are against it because they’re bought and paid for by China! Elections have consequences people…

  32. They gotta make content some how, if there’s no good news you want them to just pump out hopium?

  33. Love this comment. I agree the language is too Vague and ambiguous. Even if it is passed. Court rulings Will over turn.

  34. The problem that sen lumis brought up is, being able to even get it to a vote. She said if it gets to vote they will likely win there version of the amendment. Max pressure! Her exact words! So continue to let your voices be heard!

  35. well it looks like you know your stuff,a last minute deal is happening as we speak,we`ll know the outcome at close tonight

  36. It’s because the government invested billions of dollars over the past 20 years building the country into a huge surveillance system that’s automated by AI. So now anyone that speak against the government they can just roll out a smear campaign practically over night and ruin a professionals’ career before the week is out. They store all data and if they don’t have any diry laundry on an individual they publish false headlines to discourage mass support. This country is a prison set up like the matrix. As long as citizens are getting jobs to buy stuff that the they will eventually throw away the system will keep repeating itself. I believe the inflation rates to the cost of living are so high now that no one with a brain wants to consider cash as an asset. I hope crypto enables a public platform to trade services for services or goods for goods eventually. As an artist / crafter I see the value in using the blockchain to organize this type of system in real time, but gas fees stump me on if it would be practical for small transactions while still remaining competitive.

  37. Thanks Jeffrey. I’m no lawyer – just a paralegal and agree with you completely. What do you think about retroactivity? I get the feeling people are gonna realize that now is the time, and get in while the getting is good. Nowhere does it say these new laws are retroactively applied. So we may see a crypto bum rush…’s the toilet paper scare all over again😂. I know it’s caused many people I know to rush in and by some crypto and horde it simply because they feel they will be missing out. Let the bull run begin!

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