Bitcoin and ICOs – China and Russia Join the Regulation Party

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Bitcoin and ICOs – China and Russia Join the Regulation Party


  1. Where can I buy Ethereum with a credit card if I’m in the United States? CoinBase is not an option. I made two purchases and then they removed my card without explanation, and their non-existent customer service department hasn’t responded. Thus far other crypto-currency sites don’t do business with Americans, or they are just exchanges and you cannot actually purchase a crypto-currency with USD using a credit card. Strangely, it seems that NO ONE is capable of answering this simple question, which is leading me to believe that words like “revolutionary” “decentralized,” and hype that these currencies are going to bring evil banks to their knees, are just part of the joke. It’s a simple question: Where can I buy Ethereum with an American credit card (other than CoinBase)?

  2. i hope my country here in the Philippines will know what BITCOIN is, know only bout a hundred people here knows what the hell bitcoin is, still preaching here..haha thanks again man! i’m a follower of ur vids 🙂 keep it up man!

  3. Yeah I’m american as well. It’s really frustrating. Took me a month to get bank confirmed on coinbase, but i should receive my ETH tomorrow. If you think Crypto is a joke then so be it. You won’t be saying that when the market cap hit’s a trillion in the next few years. I think it’s worth the frustration getting it.

  4. ::sigh:: Typical tech-snob reply. “You won’t be saying that. . .” Whatever. Here’s the deal: The value of the currency will go up the more people use it. It shouldn’t take a genius to figure out that it behooves those that hold the currency to actually help more people get into it. Thus far, NO ONE has been able to answer this simple question: Where can I buy Ethereum with a credit card if I’m in the United States?

  5. I’ll look into it, thank you. The thing that I keep thinking is that this needs to be like “Fastfood and AOL.” It has to easily accessible and not require any brains whatsoever. Cash and credit cards don’t require brains to use, but cryptocurrency is asking people to swim through a boatload of websites, deal with zero customer support, deal with tech-snobs who haven’t figured out that if they help more people get into the currency the value will go up, deal with websites that don’t do business with Americans. Comparatively, dealing with cryptocurrencies has been a nightmare of sifting through websites, signing up for them, only to find out, “Sorry, we don’t do business in your area.” I got _The Internet of Money_ by Andreas Antonopolous, but while the audiobook is exciting and he makes it sound like a 10 year old can do this, the reality is quite different. No, a ten year old can’t do this. . .not if Coinbase removes his debit card, and not if he’s an American. Obviously I want to get into this, but from the outside it’s a joke and a nightmare.

  6. The reason the “not mega rich” can’t buy into IPO’s (not ICO’s) is for “our own safety”, there’s that great line again. It’s always “for our own safety”. The government will just implement the same laws that apply to IPO’s, which will be even worse than people scamming. We’re either getting scam by unknowns or scammed by the government. Where’s the difference I ask?

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