Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News – Europe, Korea, & Partnerships

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Today in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency – Europe and South Korea see adoption, Germany welcome cryptocurrency tourists, and exciting partnerships at Rchain, SophiaTX, PowerLedger, and much more.

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency News – Europe, Korea, & Partnerships


  1. Love you Lark as you are so positive not like some of the trolls and so called “ experts”…. also your genuine love to the product rather than the money…. love you man👍🙏👌

  2. Thanks for the update. Much appreciated as always! And yes please T-Shirt! (No stores around me accept crypto yet so no new shirts for me… 🙁 )

  3. I live in Melbourne. I am POWR investor. Do I really need to say I would use the system? 🙂 P.S. yes please t-shirt!!

  4. i need the shirt Lark. I cant pay for hot water anymore to do my washing after the mast month of red 🙁

  5. Would be really interested to know how it goes – might even pop over there one of these and talk to you about it in person !

  6. Thx for the daily dose Lark!, hope to still get some tasty ADA dip if I can, it’s my favourite dip in store. Great work with the vid as usual! ✌️

  7. I don’t need a shirt Lark, I currently have one on. Thanks and great video once again dude!

  8. Thanks for another great update Lark.. So much great news yet the markets continue to bleed out.. 🙁
    Fantastic news about Power Ledger!! I’m in Melbourne and still hold my investment from the ICO so really looking forward to see this roll out… PS: I’d love to win the men’s Lisk Shirt coz it would help me brainwash my boyfriend into a crypto junkie like I am 🙂

  9. Mr Lark could you please polish your Crystal Ball & let us larkian’s in on when things will start to head north. I have run out of excuses with the wife as to when we might return to break even. Cheers from OZ

  10. YEEEES please T-Shirt! Lisk is really one of my favorites and 30% of my portfolio! Thanks Lark!

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