Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio Tips

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Are you a risk taker with your crypto investment? Or are you playing it safe?
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Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio Tips


  1. Nice video Lark, love the insite, I’m really long and bullish on lisk, plus with the passive income I get from it atm, its worth holding and will only increase in fiat sense as it goes up, meaning I wont sell my inital investment at all and can just live off lisk payments 🙂 keep it up

  2. very cool…….close to my port ,i hold 4-5 different…….and adding 😉 thanks great vid as always

  3. That guy has some big ole knockers on him. I put in more than I can afford to lose, but I would never sell my kids toys haha. Keep up the vids buddy. I enjoy the heck out of watching them

  4. The Crypto Lark dead serious!! About the shirt and whalecoin🐋😂 long live the blockchain!!! I will help you promote!

  5. Will help you promote for free BTW. I have been passive for far too long. We need more people like you in the space! Keep up the great work and hit me up if you needed some ideas on the branding etc. Peace.

  6. Honestly I think about it as everyone should has the potential to be wealthy. There is so much out there to make people wealthy. Schools do not teach you how to find these things. They teach you self implied cliches that make everything else irrelevant if you aren’t investing your time in school.

  7. Nice portfolio! Smart to have the “Big Dog” as your primary holding. Im the same. See you on the flip side

  8. Just my personal opinion but you should avoid Bitconnect and Dogecoin (unless it’s just for fun!). Plus anything below the top 200. Below the top 200 it like throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping to hit a bullseye.

  9. I took the advice and only put in what I could afford to lose (not much then) and now I wish I had put in more.

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