Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Chat 07/05

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This week in crypto we discuss my portfolio, the petro, national cryptos and much more! Come along and join the fun, as always trying to answer as many questions as I can!

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Disclaimer: Everything expressed here is my opinion and not official investment advice – please do your own research before risking your own money!

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Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Chat 07/05


  1. If you don’t have DigiByte (DGB), you’re doing something wrong. Hope tomorrow’s SEC ruling regarding ETH doesn’t rek you (as it could against all these scam ERC20 tokens).DigiByte is reputable UTXO PoW blockchain. Nothing to worry about. The gov would have to rule against BTC in order to rule against DGB.

  2. i thought you were a very big nem holder? not complaining, but surprised to see you’re big on cardano. good choice.

  3. 6%Neo not bad but the more u get the more u set yourself up for massive gain in the future

  4. Love the 4.6% Zilliqa, 5.5% ICX and 11% Cardano I’m invested in all three. More Zilliqa though. I think Zilliqa can hit at least 80cents-$1.00 That will give me hopefully good gains this year and stock up on Cardano more on the dip next year.

  5. I got 20% in BTC, 18% NEO, 16% ICX and 10% OMG, 5% POWR.

    Everything else is less than 5%. Want to get in on ONT, WAN, EOS and ADA.

  6. Thanks for your share, Lark, the portfolio as well as your thoughts behind them, they are awesome!!!

  7. I have only one word a about this video…yeeeeeeeeeeeees!! Thank you so much Lark for this video….great work.

  8. Craig Candor agree but dgb got a bad reputation when whales used it for bump and dump.

  9. Hey Lark nice portfolio . Could you please do a small review on Decentraland . If you dont have time for a review could you just give me your honest opinion in a mention on your next video, I like the way your mind works on analysis. Thanks man you rock 😎

  10. great fun as always NOSHAVETILL20K cRyPtO lArK NaTiOn best community in crypto ((just finished watching again,as i came late to chat,was watching The wolf of wall street again lol,kept refreshing you tube cause I knew live chat was about to start,got caught up in movie,,hate coming in late grrrrrrrrrrrrr)

  11. guys lark doing very hard work for us to provide this priceless information….so many people already started paid information but lark is deferent then others so pls keep like him and share him as maximum as you can so he always keep doing for us …
    if we get all information and ideas from lark so atlist do likes and share him and best part is that also free guys …u don’t need to pay to youtube for likes and share !!!!

  12. After 8-9 months in this space and a lot of research everyday I ended up with this portfolio.

    ADA – 25%
    NEO – 17,5 %
    ICON – 17,5 %
    VEN – 15 %
    XLM – 15 %
    ENG – 10 %

  13. 25:21 Of course we love the interviews – There are many times that i might not of been interested and skipped through it – then the next day I’m like “hey let me go back and take another look” or even sometimes there is so much great information that I HAVE to go back and watch it again – oh and also some are so good that I just WANT to go back and watch it again 🙂

  14. Love that you are long term on Cardano, one of the first coins i bought, love Charles and the Cardano Community 🙂

  15. Bitshares is working fine, I am using it quite often. They added a lot of new coins too. The only problem is the low liquidity.

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