Bitcoin Almost 6k! Chainlink, MCO, Safex, Japan Content Token, Tomochain Updates – Crypto News

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Bitcoin is getting close to $6,000! Mattie will also talk about Ethereum surging yesterday following the CFTC getting ready for ETH futures. He will also give you the latest from Chainlink, MCO, SafeX, Tomochain as well as Japan Content Token.
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CFTC Ready For #Ethereum Futures, Will ETH Price Rise to $200?

CFTC May Approve Ethereum Futures, ETH Surges 8%

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ChainLink (LINK) Price Prediction 2019 – This Could be The Year of The Oracle (Early May Update)

Safex Development Update – May 6, 2019 : April 2019 Updates

Japan Content Token JCT
MARCH 21 NEWS Partnership with Tomochain

Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Bulls Are Still Here

Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Bulls Are Still Here

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Bitcoin Almost 6k! Chainlink, MCO, Safex, Japan Content Token, Tomochain Updates – Crypto News


  1. ChainLink has such a bright future. This is not just a talk and no show type of project. When mainnet launches, things will go lambo!

  2. people saying BTC will drop. what are the indicators that this is inevitable?

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