BIG NEWS: Litecoin + TokenPay Partnership and 9.9% stake in WEG Bank – Today’s Crypto News


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Litecoin Foundation Acquires a 9.9% Stake in a German bank

Alt Coin Buzz Podcast: Derek Capo CEO of TokenPay – EP. 25

TokenPay and Litecoin Announce an Extensive Crypto Strategic Partnership


TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation Announce an Extensive Crypto Strategic Partnership

Strategic Partnership Announced Between TokenPay and Litecoin Foundation

Litecoin Collaborates with Payment Platform in Strategic Partnership

Litecoin Collaborates with Payment Platform in Strategic Partnership

Charlie Lee Twitter

Token Pay Twitter

It’s Official: Litecoin and TokenPay Partner to Acquire Stakes in German Bank

It’s Official: Litecoin and TokenPay Partner to Acquire Stakes in German Bank


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BIG NEWS: Litecoin + TokenPay Partnership and 9.9% stake in WEG Bank – Today's Crypto News

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  1. ClearPoll token is the next ? Full launch in august, tow project using one token , ClearPoll and clarify using ClearPoll token , they have many features coming . Macfee said he will use this blockchain in his presidential running. Your opinions??

  2. I’m a coinlet who just bought 2 litecoins a week ago. Feeling pretty lucky right now.

  3. Isn’t decentralized currency supposed to be an alternative to banks? Why would Litecoin be buying 10% of a bank? Maybe someone can shed some light on this for me.

  4. It amazes me that people are just learning about token pay. They’ve been collaborating with litecoin for several months and have more things developing than probably any other coin out there atm. Token pay is definitely one of the most secure privacy coins out there and is working on making its coin as usable and transferable as possible, this is what crypto is all about. People get in now while it’s five bucks this is easily going to be $100 – $1000 coin when things start to pick back up.

  5. Dusty Lemieux problem with crypto is difficult of enter and exit. The majority of people use bank not crypto. The bank bridge this. Let say merchant sale 1 million dollar worth of product in crypto, they can’t go back to fiat easily. The TokenPay ecosystem change all this. It’s possible now to go back and forward from crypto and fiat easily. This also allows billions of people to go into crypto easily.

  6. I agree with Pular – it’s an intermediate measure to help them bridge the gap. Hopefully such steps won’t be necessary in the future

  7. Charlie you sell-out! You’re helping out TPAY and Verge get in bed with the banking system. Selling out all those LTC bag holders while you sold your coins at ATH.

  8. Crypto For The People I can buy a beer and it takes less than a couple of second with my card
    Whats wrong with that? Why do i need a crypto?

  9. Whats better about token pay than my contactless debit card? Answer that ill be interested.

  10. was walking, found a 7 leaf clover, 7k btc sing of a bull run

  11. So it’s somehow okay for Litecoin to work with banks but not Ripple who is light-years ahead with banking partnerships?

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