Big Move for Bitcoin Soon? Libra Unlikely to be Decentralized – Cryptocurrency News

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Can we expect a big price move for Bitcoin soon? This is something Mattie will look into as well as a new price prediction from Fundstrat's Tom Lee. Mattie will also give you the most important news from last week as well as a rapid-fire update on Facebook's Libra coin.
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BTC ready to move BIG?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Uptrend Intact: Bulls Sighting Fresh Increase

Bitcoin to $40k in the Next Few Months, Says Tom Lee

Facebooks "Libra" Coin unlikely to be decentralized, Win for Bitcoin?

Facebook’s Cryptocurrency Is a Nail in the Coffin for ‘Blockchain Not Bitcoin’

This was the news !

This was the NEWS (Week 24)

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Big Move for Bitcoin Soon? Libra Unlikely to be Decentralized – Cryptocurrency News


  1. please talk about the austrian cryptostamps!! i cant get any information on them! this seems huge!

  2. Doesn’t matter how decentralised they tell you Libra coin is at this stage, look who owns shares in it, all the power hungry companies who love to ban anyone who does not conform! They will just reel people in and bam! Centralised and issuing bans left right and centre anyone who genuinely thinks otherwise is a pure tard.

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  4. The more decentralized solutions the better! We need more payment protocols for merchants interested in accepting Ethereum & ERC20 tokens – keeping a close eye on 8Pay.

  5. Bullish! i was waiting for the run up , little did i know i could make profit simply by trading my coin.Thank God i contacted Benjamin early enough, his gave me a great insight into trading and assisted me in increasing my portfolio by 4 bitcoin from the original 1.2 bitcoin i invested in just 2 weeks.

  6. I am very excited I am seeing this post today, at least I can finally talk to somebody to guide me because my trading experience is very small.

  7. You don’t have to hodl and wait for an upswing before making profits, you will end up loosing if you don’t find your way out in time.

  8. Unlikely??? funny is will not be even close to decentralized, and please dotn quote LEE he is a clown like Tone Vays

  9. CNBC is fake news, like everything they say is twisted, a lie or selective propaganda. Do you still watch these mainstream news agencies for any information?

  10. If regulators step into everything then what’s the point of decentralization?? Global currency puts more power to certain few , isn’t that what we wanted to avoid???

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