Big Money Investors in Cryptocurrency (Whales) Can Calm Manipulation

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One of the most common assertions about the cryptocurrency Market, I see daily from YOU, the audience is claims of "Market Manipulation" that whales have too much power to affect the price. That is because, whether wea like to admit it or not, the market is still fairly centralized around a select few whales. If cryptocurrency can get investor confidence from other big money investors, this will calm some of the market manipulation.

Big Money Investors in Cryptocurrency (Whales) Can Calm Manipulation

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. According to that guys tweets he had 5-10 btc which was worth $300 max at the time. He withdrew and took $140 must of really needed that buck fourty

  2. I’m confident. Just got home from the bar after talking to all my friends about blockchain. 2/5 friends were interested.

  3. it wwill be 5/5 interested when the market is exploding again and the FOMO players come back to feed our portfolios again. Those FOMO buyers are here to get rich quick, not interested in the long roller coaster upwards, but instead give us money out fo their panic lmaooooo

  4. Bitcoin might as well rebrand to Baitcoin. It’s reeling in a lot of newbies for the killer whales to feast on. Hence the sea of red. 😂

  5. We should remember that ethereum was born in a bear market and crashed from hitting the exchanges at $1.50 and dropping Down to $0.70 for months. Imagine if you panic sold it back then. How would you feel today?

  6. Jeff it’s a little alarming you don’t realise an 11 bitcoin buy at that price doesn’t mean 1 person bought 11 bitcoin? It means 11 bitcoin at that price, that might have a make up of 10 people, 100 people.
    Still love the videos 🙂

  7. Exactly and I think Litecoin during 2014 crashed from 24$ all the way to around 2-4$ imagine buying up 2$ Litecoin just 4 years ago and holding.

  8. “I see seas of green and red roses too i see them bloom for me and you and i think to myself what a wonderful crypto world.” Thanks louis armstrong

  9. YOUR the best narrator.

    I gathered my loot into LEND, and BNB last night.

    After BLOODY losses, I ain’t playing. I got like Noah and gathered ALL my sheep into medium volume coin…LEND.

    (Whales won’t notice me here, in LEND as its a shakey coin I felt had way more promise 2 months ago.
    I am NOT huge on the coin cuz it looks like everything’s in order on the web, BUT actual loans being made, no news feeds, Twitter activity talk made me squint an eye and say uh, oh…..
    Hard to explain but to say it looks like astroturf feed to me. Call me nuts. It throws up flags, so DONT hide here with me is my advice cuz I bailing unless I SEE news in a site beyond Dec 2017…..

    With that said;
    Catch the knife lasted a whole nother 3 weeks here, but I knew after the Bitcoin washer/dryer experience, how to play myself down with a slower bleed, in a slower volume, (made sense to me, lol) and add coins at same time.

    I turned my last money from 1,000 coins to 9,800 and it’s starting to go now all over in spurts again. Yay.

    Hell here on BINANCE, even in HERE there are dudes holding couple hundred grand prowling like cats.

    Make sure you keep back bids for their “pops” kids.
    Sometimes you catch that pop line….most times not.

    Good luck!

  10. Michael Maranto DEFINATELY…….but if you do as they do it wrecks their plan to profit off you as easy.
    Fighting back.
    End the Fed

  11. Adam Hancock yeh I’m still only holding just over 10k gonna let it sit and stew for a year or 2 coz it’s so damn new and has such a great idea!

  12. I hold 7 coins and they are all green right now too. But that doesn’t mean much, it look like the market is beginning its recovery, everything is green right now.

  13. it’s pretty cool though overlap aside that’s 27 coins between us and all mine were going nowhere but sideways. You would expect some to break down but they all broke up. that’s a good confidence boost 🙂

  14. yes it is! Last year around this time the market started to recover from the dip around early to mid february. Hopefully that is what is happening now.

  15. But if that were the case the number would be more distributed if you have one order for 0.5 Bitcoin, and the one below that is for 11 Bitcoin, and the one below that is for 0.5 Bitcoin again, the order in the middle is most likely a whale, at least that is the conventional knowledge, otherwise if there were 102 people placing orders, why did one place his order in the top, one in the bottom, and 100 in the middle? It seems more likely that middle order is one person.

  16. 42Ounces
    It doesn’t work like that, when people click on to buy or sell they usually don’t set their own price, what happens is you click the bid or ask price and that lumps you onto that price. Now what some people will do, they will set theirs 1 satoshi lower making it the new bid price giving them advantage if a seller wants a quick sale.
    Now when another buyer comes along and he sets his price at the bid price he will be lumped in with you. That’s why we see buy and sell orders for 2 digit bitcoins and other alts. Listen… it very may well be 1 person but it generally wouldn’t be. Just my two pennies worth 🙂

  17. You could be right, I personally fall into the category of people that always puts in my own price, a few satoshis higher or lower than where the big order is at. So that is why to me it looks like those big orders are all one person. It could go either way, the trade screen does not tell us what belongs to who.

  18. have you seen the price for today, you will see it’s price is coming back if you want to buy any of the top 4 coin, now is the best and right time to do it.

  19. in my own opinion it won’t crash by summer and like i said again this is definitely the best time you can get any cryptocurrency of your choice, take advantage of the crash and get more of what you can find mostly the four top coins despite that and personally judging from my experience in investing, when it’s value drops drastically like now, there must definitely be a boost after any crash so purchase what you can now and reinvest it. know one thing for sure Bitcoin is cryptocurrency itself because it’s the originator of cryptocurrency that turned out this big with other coins, so no matter any crash it will always be No1. think and research what i have told you.

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