“Beyond Anything We Can Imagine”: Deloitte Institutional Blockchain Study

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In this video, Mattie talks about what's going on in the world of crypto of crypto and blockchain technology. You don't want to miss this!
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Newsflash: This was the NEWS

Deloitte’s 2018 Global Blockchain Survey

2018 Global Blockchain Survey https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/consulting/articles/innovation-blockchain-survey.html?_lrsc=280ae977-005c-442e-ac55-64bb65292a4f&id=wl:2sm:3li:4elevate:5awa:6oth:50949:369978#

Big Blockchain: The 50 Largest Public Companies Exploring Blockchain

Matteo Gianpietro Zago Blockchain Graphic

BlackRock begins exploration of bitcoin

Dear Cryptocurrency Investors — They’re Trying to Trick You


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"Beyond Anything We Can Imagine": Deloitte Institutional Blockchain Study

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  1. Thanks to you guys for inspiring me to start my own cryptocurrency journey and build my own mining rig with love to Matt and rest of the team

  2. When u have a company in the billions,then u make ur own blockchain or coin/token.leaving us with the bags with worthless coins/tokens.(noob here)

  3. I am a psychic medium and put my life’s cash savings (had other investments like Real Estate and a business etc) into the crypto currency markets, last Summer during the September dip. I studied the July dip and figured out where the valuable coins were. I was “told” by my Spirit Guides to buy some ICO’s that would blow up in the coming years and they told me to hold for at least two years. One of the ICO’s was PayPie and now that all this stuff is coming out about corrupted accounting by most of the big firms, this Blockchain is going to go big. Once they signed a deal with Quickbooks, I knew I had made the right choice. I am so glad I bought into Blockchain. I have just under 40 and most have moved into the top 100 now. I KNEW it was going to go big and we are headed for a huge uptick this Fall so if you have friends you want to get in, get on it now!! Remember, some will sit there and make nothing for months (like BCN until it was listed on Binance than it went parabolic and I had 320,000 I had bought a year ago) so it’s important to be ready to hold everything for two years and once it goes up to where you want to sell, just sell 80% of it so you won’t miss out on the few that will go 10,000 times because if you sell at 100 times, you will be glad you kept 20% of it in your portfolio! I’m starting my channel soon and will take calls as the Crypto Psychic lady…no charge (I made it big already and won’t be charging anything for my advice).

  4. Mattie do you realise how many companies on that list have already a partnership with Ripple?

  5. Andre v d ende idk, investing in banks is a reality(buying stocks). Why couldnt a bank crypto be the same? But personally I dont want that. If banks get in, I want them to use crypto as is. Wether its ripple, stellar…I dont care lol. I see this as a big possibility. Like everyone else, Im in it for the money.

  6. Maybe,but this vid said differently.They looking to get in blockchain.And as far i can understand it,there own blockchain or coin and tokens.Maybe some internal coin,not for on a exchange.

  7. THANKS for the news budz
    as you say or noted…if the big money is telling you they are getting in…you are already too late. they bought the bottom and now you are there to push up the profit….am I wrong?

  8. Awesome video… Can someone give me an adequate explanation of pro & cons buying actual BC (alt coins) vs “contracts” on trade sites, where i, if i’ve understood it right.. Isn’t as profitable..? Sorry for perhaps a ignorant question, much appreciated if i could get a decent answer from anyone who can explain this in a “simple way”…Thanks in advance!

  9. I sent 20€ in BTC the other day and it took almost 25 min to confirm … this the blockchains biggest hurdle

  10. tangentially
    adverb: tangentially

    in a way that relates only slightly to a matter; peripherally.
    “the narrative deals only tangentially with marriage”
    in the manner, position, or direction of a tangent.
    “the line is oriented tangentially along the epidermal cell layer”

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