Best ICO’s to watch in November December

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As we continue to watch more and more ICO's hit the market place, the buzz continues into November and December around ICO's.

Best ICO's to watch in November December


  1. Thanks for covering these smaller and under-the-radar ICO’s that other Youtubers rarely cover! Subbed!

  2. Purchasing a Silvertoken from the Megabox of one million Silvertokens is equivalent to purchasing physical silver, which in the Initial Offering stage, is a more sound investment than ideas and future prospects offered by other cryptocurrencies. After the ICO is completed, you may redeem your tokens for real silver.

  3. Just invested in a token called RAFL. They have released their alpha , and the platform looks good. Anyone else heard of them?

  4. What you think about Forty Seven ICO? I heard that they have a promising project.”

  5. ICO is a promising business although there are plenty of scammers. I went the other way, just taking part in bounty companies, which in my opinion should shoot. Now I’m participating in the TokenGo project, I think there should be a mega successful project, and then we’ll see.

  6. Thank you for the good information on this platform! I’m also involved in one TokenGo project, and I’m looking forward to the end of ISO. I believe in this team, they have a worthwhile project. I think that everything will turn out.

  7. Clearcoin is coming very strong!!!, Good project and very good team and from USA!!!!, Can you tell to us something with this coin or ico please?

  8. You should try to check Plentix! It’s an interesting project..Pre-sale starts soon! Make sure to join their Whitelist to reserve your spot.

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