Best Affordable Masternodes – Low Markets Mean Crypto Opportunities

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Would you like a passive income? The low market opens up new possibilities. In this video, Adam talks about affordable masternodes under $2000.

Adam mentions Aegeus (AEG), Social Send (SEND), Escrow (ESCO), SmartCash (SMART), and PACcoin (PAC).

Which one do you like the most? Let us know in the comments below!
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Masternodes Overview feat DASH, DSR, SEND.- Passive Income With Altcoins and Cryptocurrency – Pt. 3

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Best Affordable Masternodes – Low Markets Mean Crypto Opportunities

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. INN masternode is currently $370 for a masternode compared to its price pre-crash of over $5,000+ take advantage. With 1 masternode , I’m averaging $60/month with current prices, as prices increase so does your masternode reward.

  2. i’m thinking about setting up a social send masternode for $450 bucks thats a steal.

  3. Good video I don’t want to work I’ll invest in a few computers and a high electricity bill if I can run several masternodes and offset my income

  4. Really good video . Alot of great information thank you. This is a huge tip of the hat to ACB!! Good job homie.

  5. If anyone is thinking about social send they are about to change the masternode system minimum will be 15000 tokens soon

  6. Jordan Coleman they are in the middle of voting to improve the reward system for masternode holders as well. So definitely a good time to get in. Highly recommend following their Discord

  7. Joe smith for masternodes you can run them on a virtual server and do not have to invest in computers. If you want to run them on your own computer you need to get a dedicated IP address. Check out my other masternode video on the description.

  8. Adam McEwen so the 15000 token reward system is currently the highest voted so does that mean I won’t get any rewards if I stay with the 6250 tokens?

  9. Adam McEwen this is what we need education dedicate yourself , I am an aircraft mechanic, I hate buying and selling cryptos I check every letter of every address 3 times so paranoid I see fishing scams I check the “mew LLC IN GREEN in the corner I never put my private key into anything lol” we need education . We need alot of security. We need help as the “heard” I’m big into vechain it’s gonna crush it this year and lead the bull run.

  10. Adam McEwen keep doing this format. Very good just think about educating people maybe do one on good exchanges like what I mean is it could be IDEX or binance or some fucking unheard of exchange but has never been hacked , is 100% legit, good low fees ect ect the team the vision ect ect so yeah a small exchange has advantages as well so that should be next , also how to stake properly and projects that truly support steaking. Ectcect so many avenues.

  11. Joe smith thank you my man. I did make previous videos on how to setup masternodes and the benefits of staking. The community coins and passive income side is more my niche. I agree about demonstrating the smaller exchanges that are legit. I appreciate the insight!

  12. I’m risking my fiat with Aerium soon to be AeriumX also Electra will soon have MN.

  13. Jordan Coleman if/when they decide to change it then yes, that is correct. If they decide to change the required amount for masternodes the you will be required to have that amount to have one. But I assume that if they decide to change it it’ll be a while before they implement it. You could setup a masternode now and build rewards and work your way up.

  14. Great Video. Can i suggest adding as a tool to your reference. They use alot of indicators to help with the due-diligence!

  15. I just bhought a SocialSend MN, the admins were really nice, helped me with literally everything.

  16. Another great vid adam, love that you target areas of crypto that help people make $$ with little or no cash invested. Still would like to see some info on RDD, and how to stake it. It’s a Lil different, they do a proof of stake(Pos). Proof of work also (Pow). It’s a Lil confusing to me

  17. Absolute coin was abandoned and has since been given new life and growing community I currently run one.

  18. HALO PLATFORM masternodes. The safest network and solid returns at this early stage of the project.

  19. Great vid, be good to look at the coin itself too, is it a genuinely useful coin. Aren’t masternodes taking us way from decentralisation though.

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