Basic Attention Token (BAT) Altcoin and Brave Browser Explained


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Introducing blockchain based digital advertising from the creator of JavaScript and the co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, with a solid team.

What is speacial about basic attention token, and why this crypto and the brave browser has value? find out more from Ricky from Altcoin Buzz in this video.

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Basic Attention Token (BAT) Altcoin and Brave Browser Explained

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. I’m not invested in either, but I have to say that I like Brave/BAT, but I prefer Oyster Pearl to Brave.

  2. really good video guys! THANK YOU!!!!!! watching this on my brave browser right now! the speed of the brave is insane!!! the function of BAT….with the brave browser is a little hard to grasp at first…but for those interested dive IN!!!!!! i’m waiting for the altcoinbuzz channel to pop up on my approved list….for bat payments via brave. not seeing you’re approved yet. once approved, i’ll be paying ya’ll in BAT monthly. as well as supporting you on steemit! i really feel this has the ability to replace YT’s adsense…or at least give them a good run! no ads as i’m viewing this video…right now, which means….ya’ll won’t get paid as much as people migrate to systems like brave. brave also has a promotion right now for free bat…..FYI. unidirectional wallet right now…in which you can send BAT, litecoin, bitcoin and eth, which is converted to bat. hoping they make the wallet multidirectional at some point. baby steps!

  3. Thank you! this is the kind of thing I can get behind!! Already downloaded and using as my default browser. Ill let you know how it goes

  4. Thank you for your videos, they are amazing. One question, what is your recommendation to cash out? Which steps do you follow? Thanks again !

  5. Thanks Rick. This was very informative. I just loaded up the Brave brower on both mobile and desktop. Nice browers.

  6. altcoin buzz channel should post their approved BAT/BRAVE referral link. they are giving away 5 free bat for sign ups for brave right now. :))) GOOOOO altcoin army!!!!!!! to the front!!!!!!!

  7. Ya sure. This will be long-winded, but it’s kind of complicated. Ultimately there doesn’t have to be a competition between Oyster Pearl and BAT because one could simultaneously use the Brave browser and include Oyster’s code in their websites to earn Oyster Pearls. However they’re aiming for a relatively similar market, so below is why I prefer Oyster. I think Oyster Pearl’s solution is slightly more elegant because it doesn’t require the website user to do anything different than they normally would. I question what percentage of people will use the Brave browser. And if it does see mass adoption, how long will it take to achieve this? With Oyster Pearl, as a web host, all you have to do is add a line of code to your website. After doing so, the host will receive Oyster every time someone visits the site. How it works: Website users offer up a tiny bit of their computational power when they visit the site. This computational power is used to verify transactions on Oyster’s distributed cloud computing network. My understanding is that the amount of computational power the website user provides is significantly less than the power that would be used if the website has adds. This provides a solution where web hosts can earn an income without adds and users don’t have to deal with so many adds. The Oyster token increases in value with speculation, like any other token, and also if people adopt their decentralized cloud computing system. I think decentralized cloud storage will see mass adoption in the near future. I also love the Oyster Pearl solution to cloud storage here, because similar to the adoption question that exists with the Brave browser, with most decentralized cloud storage systems, you have to as yourself, what percentage of people will voluntarily offer computing power for decentralized cloud storage systems. If it’s a small percentage, then that cloud storage system isn’t actually that decentralized. With Oyster Pearl, their decentralized cloud storage system doesn’t rely on these voluntary user contributions because it’s all been taken care of by the web hosts. If a lot of web hosts integrate this one line of html code into their site and adopt the Oyster Pearl ecosystem, then the Oyster Pearl decentralized cloud storage system will end up being exceptionally decentralized.

  8. its about time has the best CEO in the community and a real and active use case
    Jeff is biased because he likes DTube but BAT is where its at

  9. apples to oranges guys… oyster pearl and brave are doing different things. From my understanding Oyster pearl is a way for the website to remove ads but keep revenue. The brave browser is a way for the end user(web surfer) to avoid unwanted ads. Different target markets for different use cases. As a company owener i still want to run ads ad publish ads to people who want to see them. Oyster pearl doesnt do that at all. On the other hand When people are on my website i dont want them to be annoyed with ads. Oyster pearl is there to save the day. You cant really compare them as they are nothing alike.

  10. Integrating BAT with a website is no more difficult than what you just described for Oyster. Also, you brought up a valid point with how complicated it would be to get mass adoption of the Brave browser. If there’s no real adoption, then BAT is useless. So that’s why when Brave comes out of Beta they will begin working on plugins for Chrome and Firefox (and maybe others).

    I have to agree with Spacebird below. They are attempting to solve similar problems with different methods, so it really is apples and oranges. I do have a feeling, however, that — A) once the BAT wallet is introduced to the Brave browser, B) users are able to purchase BAT with USD via their Brave browser, thereby eliminating most of the process and learning curve it takes to simply buy this coin (ie. you won’t have to get BTC or ETH from Coinbase/Gemini/Whatever, send it to another exchange, make your trade, send it to your wallet, etc), and C) Tor tabs are introduced into the Brave browser — you’re going to regret not getting it while it’s cheap. 😉

    I don’t think people realize how much those points I just made above will influence adoption of the Brave browser.

  11. lol ikr, brave is good, but firefox is tested and trusted! and now can also use brave thru extensions. firefox gave me 5+ years of great protection with “no ads” extensions.

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