Bakkt Bombshell Announcement – Bitcoin Futures & $182,000,000 Invested

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Bakkt bombshell anouncements – delay for Bitcoin futures and massive investments made by key players.



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Bakkt Bombshell Announcement – Bitcoin Futures & $182,000,000 Invested


  1. December deadline turns into January then turns into an announcement for sometime quarter one that a decision MAY be made for quarter two. Sounds like a lot of kicking the can down the road. Lets hope something is in place before 2020.

  2. Yeah, I know, but if the decision was up to Bakkt it would already be out, it is the CFTC causing the trouble

  3. I can’t help getting the feeling that the more futures/bakkt/wall street/banks etc etc get involved. The more and more screwed we will get.

    I just get the feeling that the big guys are just buying everything and will be back in control.

  4. Bakkt will keep been delayed until we let them buy cheap BTC. The best thing we can do is keep dumping and hope a price around 1K will suit them. Just hope we can all dump hard enough & soon enough so we don’t have another year of a bear market.
    Best to give them what they want and then once in, release the bulls.

  5. Who’s going to dump his/her BTC to make Bakkt happy ? If these guys are going to come in and manipulate the market and profit from small price increments in Bitcoin , they can stay out for all I care.

  6. Glad Bakkt has been delayed because of the “buy the rumour sell the news” syndrom, meaning if it was NOT delayed the impact of Bakkt would have been priced in already….. pfff….now we can rally!

  7. So right! They are like cancer. They want *MORE* for themselves and *LESS* for everbody. #Facts #TheDevilNeverSleeps

  8. May we consider as well that they are interested in the market crash to full their wallets of cheap bitcoin?! I don’t think they are the cause but interested in estimating the downtrend to continue by now.

  9. “Bakkt is back! And it´s backed by a stack. But if bakkt can´t move forward the pack won´t come back” – Dr Seuss

  10. I agree.  It’s not the date that Bakkt opens its doors, or any large institution, that matters. What matters is watching the amount of $$ flowing in for development.    For instance: $$ spent on new mining equip,  $$ for new gaming development,  $$ for marketing,  and $$ invested in hiring new developers, programmers, etc.

  11. I agree with you, considering some of us didn’t get into crypto in early 2017 but only heard about the incredible profits people made. I’m really praying that bitcoin continues to dump to $1000 so I have the opportunity to load up before the next bull run. Another reason that will cause bitcoin price to drop will be the tax season. looking forward to more price drops

  12. Happy New Year ! My opinion is that BTC is a long term play…trust the crypto technology it will pay off

  13. Great stuff lark.. Happy New Year! Lets see what 2019 will bring.. and hopefully we are seeing some almost true bottoms now across the board.. if so we are going to see some extremely sick gains.. 1 year ago id never have thought id see the day with coins going back down so much like litecoin in the $20 range.. or neo below $50 or qtum at $2 range.. Nexus $0.20 cent range.. lets just say if we go back to where we were before i will be taking a couple of years out of work 🙂

  14. BAKKT delay good news to me, just means more time to accumulate at these prices. Awesome video as always!

  15. Thats why I focus on decentralized projects not backed by central banks, we decide who wins this race.

  16. it just came to me that if you cross wall street, futures and Bakkt you end up with Wall Fukkt 🙁

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