Aventus / AVT – Ticketing Meets The Blockchain

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Aventus us looking to tackle the legacy industries which have no incentive to change an inefficient and broken ticketing system. Blockchain technology may just be the perfect solution.

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Aventus / AVT – Ticketing Meets The Blockchain


  1. With so much movement in markets I’m always trading and don’t feel like reading the white paper…. 😂😂

  2. Aventus is cool. Also Eventchain is going to do the same thing and ICO is still running. They have alpha and are shipping the card wallet. Anybody can create event. I think both projects are worth to hold.

  3. Great video as always! Would love to have you teach how to evaluate charts, I am a newbie and researching a little every night and always learning…thanks for your passion, it is contagious

  4. Great vid. very informative and I believe their office location in London is superb as they have so many events going on there. Live gigs, premiership football league, musicals etc… They’ll have big chance of pulling marketing once product is ready, faster than any other competitor. Great stuff.

  5. Very interesting video. You have clearly done your research and Aventus looks like it could be huge

  6. Agree. Been in since the ICO and not thinking of selling – even when price dips -as think this one has clear real world value and is active so long term investment perspective

  7. great and real use case , huge ticket market to disrupt, solid team ,very close to release their beta, already listed in major exchange and more are coming soon , just 6mn coins in circulation , just 15mn marketcap . Currently this project is flying under the radar but if that’s not a winner i don’t know what is 😉

  8. So undervalued and still needs to have a lot of price discovery as not everyone has heard about this project yet. Soon they will though, the team is doing a great job.

  9. Seems very undervalued in it’s current state, plus they are on Bitfinex which is pretty cool! Keep up the good work!

  10. I love this project a lot i want to know if AVT gone to be available on binance? if someone knows?

  11. Since Aventus is looking to work B2B, lets assume that they have a partnership with ticket master and ticket master bought the majority of tickets from the primary seller. Does that mean ticket master will be able to charge the consumers any price for the tickets or would the blockchain technology force ticket master to sell the tickets for the original price?

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