ARK.IO – Hammers, Awesome Beard, and Solid Tech


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Mike Doty from joins me to discuss Ark, smart bridges, and why hackathons are such great opportunities. Also a special guest from a new Ark project jumps in to join us ! Check out Maker Space here –

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ARK.IO – Hammers, Awesome Beard, and Solid Tech

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Impressive. They’re really out there promoting and instructing. I like seeing the different ‘types’ of ppl involved in crypto.

  2. Mass adoption. I am beginning to understand it is unfortunate that all else is just white noise. Mahalo Lark of NZ. Ruler of Mu. Aloha.

  3. Thank you so much for chatting with us Mike. I’ve invested in the Ark platform since inception and I’m happy to be a part of its future.

  4. Thanks for producing such excellent content. Really enjoy these interviews with the actual developers of projects – they know all the answers.

  5. Merry Christmas Everybody! Ga,dang, Even Santa got his own crypto. Decentralize that naughty & nice list. I always did believed Christmas had too much centralized authority…
    I’m sorry… I am sooooo sorry if that was offensive but I had to… I just had to.

  6. Now for my a.d.d moment.. the back window looks into a large room with a couple people walking around but what the heck is going on in the bottom right of this window. It looks like it’s outside… Mind tricks and mirror effects.

  7. Also, thanks again. Ark was at first a speculative pick. Now I might have to keep my mind open to accumulate.

  8. Santa Claus has a Sleigh not an Ark? Haha seriously though all jokes aside I know people are saying that they might not be the best face for Ark but I disagree. Yea suits and slick cats sell. It’s not reality though. I like that these guys are the face of Ark and keeping it real.

    The reason I wanted to make this comment is that I have been faced with opposition and negativity all through my life. I have a physical disability and look different to most, hence my name JuicyVeganDwarf, I am 4ft tall and not exactly fitting the tall dark and handsome bill haha. That said I still do what I want and voice my thoughts on things like this. If we can’t keep it real in crypto then where can we? This should be a turning point for the world. Crypto can and hopefully will start a revolution of new opportunity, development, re distribution of wealth, innovation and change for the better of all (hopefully). I like his look and I like that he doesn’t look like most of the cats in crypto. It’s a win for the beard, maybe because I also get paid to regularly dress as an Elf I am biased though 👍🏻

  9. Great interview and as an investor in ARK can’t say enough about the community that supports the ARK platform

  10. Very nice video! Thank you for the content, i have been in Ark for a while amazing sleeping giant.

  11. The Crypto Lark woo hoo I got a reply from the Lark. Hiya dude.i totally agree with you and I wish them the very best of luck. Also keep smashing it with your channel mate. Ur content is amongst my fav to watch dude 🚀🙌🏼

  12. Juicy Vegan… you’re telling me that they both just shone thru woth enthusiasm, and excitement?? .. you’re basing this off looks and physical disabilities and etc?? In business YOU HIRE SOMEONE TO TALK ABOUT WHAT A GENIUS YOU ARE, you hire someone whos is very savvy to sell your business, someone who represents those two lark interviewed as GENIUSES BEHIND the scenes. Lark would do great as a spokesman for a business he has a lot of enthusiasm and honesty and etc that shines through. Those two guys are greta at what they do. Not great at pr and spokesmanship in my opinion

  13. Lark you just said it. laser focused on tech and community building GREAT!.. how about someone else for BUSINESS TO BUSINESS building? you wouldn’t answer my comment.. but are you honestly telling me when you interviewed them that you didn’t have a thought that .. they didn’t interview fantastocly exciting or enthusiastic? You didn’t once have a slight thought that perhaps the company some of us INVESTED MONEY IN might be better served with a pro PR /marketing team?.. not once?

  14. Solid interview. Ark is going to bridge everything. In a few years, crypto and blockchain will be mainstream with thousands of use cases. maybe tens of thousands. and one needs only one coin to use them all.

  15. Ark will be the future place for us to interact together like movie “the player number one” !!!

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