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We are all in this together. The challenge is real. These are tough times for us all. Find something to do today, besides looking at the market. Cryptocurrency has does this many times in the past and recovered. This is tough times for us and a hard pill to swallow. Remain optimistic. Spread the optimism.

Altcoin Army Public Announcement

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. HOLD,HODL,HODL. This is Nothing New folks anyone who has been in this space for the past few years KNOWS HOLD!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m gonna drink beer because I’m down $60,000! And I may not be able to afford any more beer after today.

  3. I’m not loggin in either because I don’t want to see how much money my portfolio has lost 😂😂

  4. I’m the violin players on the Titanic going down with the ship cuz i’m too loyal and hard headed.

  5. As bad as we all may feel now, I will never feel as bad as the guy who bought 2 pizzas for 10.000 BTC. Feelsbadman

  6. I spent around $15k last week and bought 25 cryptocurrency. I am either loosing everything or gaining, I won’t sell.

  7. Ri – I’m in your boat. I spent $40,000 in Altcoins over the past 8 weeks. I’m new to this. Sold out on TRX lost $8,000. Just like Jeff stated. Never spend what you can’t afford to lose. This can be a buying opportunity of a lifetime!

  8. I’m not looking at my blockfolio or coinmarketcap until Jeff says it’s safe to do so lol 🤣😂😂😅

  9. Everyone needs to take a moment, step back, and breathe… This market is up 300% over 3 months. A 50% dip is not only normal, it is healthy. Markets do not go straight up, and if you see one that does, that’s when you run. This is exactly what this market needs, it will find new support levels, from which, we’ll reach even higher highs. This is normal, this is natural, and when we get to even higher highs, it will happen again. Relax. Step away from the ticker, unless you’re about to place a buy order. All will be well. I assure you. There’s far too much good in this market, in these projects, and the market is far too hot to do an instant freeze and crash, it doesn’t work that way. You’ll be good, if you can hold your cool. All will be well. Give it 2, most 3 weeks. Big news is coming Q1 across the board.

  10. Who else has hit refresh on coinmarketcap more than 50 times in the past hour 😂🤣🤦‍♂️

  11. Im in 22 different companies with over 65 thousand coins worth 32 k! they are all in my ledger and im holding I never took profit and I’m in it to win it!! Do or die

  12. JEFF: Love you man but this video IS FUD!!! Come on you’re depressed lol Buck up pal! 🤗
    Jeff needs a hug guys 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗“Students schooling the teacher”

  13. Jeff i’m very disapointed with you today. But i feel you.
    For me this sea of red don’t affect me, i said once i i say it again i’m gonna get out of this market rich or broke.

  14. Erion P
    Yup… Invest only what you can afford to loose. When i started i entered with this mentality “I consider this money lost, for better or worst” and i just invested.
    I’m willing to loose the invest investment, but that is just me.

  15. Also HODLing to zero. Don’t see it happening though, not with a strong portfolio. Good clearing of the weak hands, may enter a boring period for a while as the hype dies down until it builds up again. Some good accumulation opportunities ahead.

  16. P Goldberg difference is the past had nothing to do with FUD weak hands came in and Theyu pulled the rug out.

  17. Going to REALLY regret that when Mainnet and coinburn + another big partner announced this week, but hey, your money!

  18. I predicted everything that happened today – before it happened on my channel. This guy gets up and tells folks that the chinese are buying train tickets and that’s what caused the market to dip.

  19. Im the guy letting women and children get off the ship, Ill stay and see this to the water… Let me on your door cindy.

  20. yea i don’t get why everyones freaking out.. prob cuz they have a few more dollars in the market then they did a year ago lol.. everything on sale

  21. P Goldberg at least u can buy coins. Coinbase and binance wont verify id and payment. Theyre locking out new memebers from the market and no one is talking about it dammit bobby

  22. @chili FOMO you chaesd bro. Look for higher lows and wait for confirmation after the flush on any stabilization uptrend.

  23. my buddy went from 30k to 5k because he went most of his money on XVG at the ATH. im down about 9k. this is rough, but wiht a strategy its not bad. ride or die HODL

  24. CryptoQueen usually queens don’t go chasing off other youtubers but I guess some queens are low.

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