$35,000 Ethereum Price Prediction!!!


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$35,000 Ethereum price prediction! Crypto news 2021
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0:00 Today in Ethereum
0:50 Ethereum Analysis
4:20 Ethereum Scaling
10:52 Ethereum Price Prediction
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$35,000 Ethereum Price Prediction!!!

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  1. I will always know you as crypto’s beloved Crypto Lark, bringing all of the hottest and all of the latest happening in the wild wild world of crypto. I would love to get that back.
    …just my two Satoshis

  2. Lark….. please give us the insights behind the reasons the story occur. Standard chartered do not believe eth will go to $35000 they just don’t want retail to sell when it hits $12500 (which will prob be market top) so they can rug pull us all.

    We need influencers like you to give the alternative perspectives and deeper insights.

    Still love your channel 💯

  3. I can see Eth hitting that number one day but for this bullrun I believe we stop in between $10,000-$20,000.

  4. Thanks for the video Lark. My lucky 8 ball says it’s likely. Doesn’t say when. Lots of negative comments. So sorry for you.

  5. I’m thinking Salano is not actually decentralized at all. Not in any way like Cardano. My reasoning is that Salano is held by stake holders in the old sense of that use of stake. Over 50% of it is owned by those who developed it. They control it. Salano is not truly decentralized. Cardano is and seems like the only one.

  6. Bitcoin’s layer 2 lightening is beyond fast and cost near nothing. It’s already adopted in El Salvador. That dinosaur is now faster than Ethereum by miles

  7. Bought 150 ETH in May of 2016 for a few grand when it was like $15. Got rid of 100 last few years and made some decent profits still holding onto 50 ETH

  8. You guys make me laugh Eth ain’t going anywhere It’s highly adopted and trusted by the corps I hold lots of eth, ada, dot just sold 150k one so i hold all except Sol for now, i don’t care who wins because i have high stakes in all But again, eth will do fine just like some of the others

  9. Maybe in 5 years lark !! I can’t see it in this run !! Been hogging the hope bong to long dude 😂😂 until eth sorts the gas fees other coins … Ada .. solana are going to eat eths lunch all day !! Love your vids by the way !

  10. there isn’t any crypto that is decentralized other than bitcoin
    bitcoin is the only decentralized network on the planet
    all other 💩coins are that for a reason, thay are all centralized ponzy garbage sceems

  11. Lark, you educate a great deal concerning the scaling abilities of different cryptos, but you seem to do less and less educating about the security, ledger architecture, and centralization/decentralization. Folks are listening to you. This is an opportunity, yes, but also a responsibility.

  12. I have to recognize that I’m biased because I hold ethereum, so I’m going to have to say that 35,000 is possible one day but maybe not soon. It would take an insanely good catalyst on top of good market conditions to hit that number, and even if it did hit that soon, it would be unstable. 35K is going to be a slow inch up over the coming years

  13. Shoot I’m selling at $7k probably. I’ll Just be happy to see real profit. I get in at all the wrong times that seem like bottoms but there always another lower lower bottom. Like navigating a big fat woman.

  14. The lightning network just needs more adoption. How long has it been out now? Why don’t all exchanges use it? I don’t have that answer.

  15. I’m really scared for ETH with the recent surge from Solana and the upcoming Cardano smart contracts.. that’s without even considering Polkadot.. I feel ETH will lose a lot of market shares until 2.0 comes out

  16. ETH will eventually exceed all expectations. The multi billion dollar institutions want to shake out the small fish like us for a reason. HODL brothers!! SOL is being set up as the fifth column in crypto market to undermine ETH

  17. Goddamn that’s some big money. 50*3000 is $150k so you have around 170k rn wow. And if it goes up a lot you could be looking at near a million. Best of luck!

  18. I hold it and don’t see it anytime soon either — certainly not this weekend. lol Ethereum has anchored my portfolio during these past few months, but Lark and other bit/eth diehards have inspired me to hodl no matter what, and I probably should have flipped some btc in the past couple of weeks into more SOL and QNT when the exchange was strong. My gains would have been insane and i could have bought my btc back lower as it sinks… once again.

  19. Ethereum is essentially not built specifically for transaction, it’s mainly a smart contract platform. So many other chain cost SIGNIFICANTLY lower and maybe faster to do transaction.

  20. Honestly, if if ETH goes that high…I’d think some of the coins down the list a little are going to outperform it big time (BTC too). So then why do we invest so hard in the big two coins at this point….seems the market is proving itself….might be time to let the corporations buy the “safe” assets, while the rest of us make bank on the rising tides.

  21. 5:00 laughed so hard 😂😂😂 After lol experiencing other L1s, while I love me some ETH, it is such a damn expensive ecosystem

  22. Thanks Lark! Yes 35k most definitely doable!! For those with the negative comments, ETH is the AOL of crypto. Yes it may be replaced somedsy. but not anytime soon

  23. I see ppl asking about taxes and yes if he held for over a year without selling or trading you would pay the long term capital gains tax which is significantly less than if he was making trades in that time period. If he didn’t just let it sit there and had a taxable event in under a years time period like a sale or trade he would have to pay the short term capital gains tax on any of those gains which can be up to 35%. Don’t try to get out of paying taxes or think bc it’s crypto you can get away with it and it’s not traceable. Not true. Every exchange puts out a 1099 at the end of the year with all of your gains/losses and you better believe the IRS will track it and catch you over time. Not worth going to prison over.

  24. The ETH Fees!!! Going to Polygon has made me have a 3 year flashback. You remember? when contract fees were single digits of $ or less.

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