2,000,000 TRX accounts, Alibaba Considers Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Not Security – Crypto News

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Tron's account numbers have now exceeded two million and Fidelity has rolled out their Cryptocurrency custody and trade operations services. This is something Mattie will talk about as well as Alibaba looking into blockchain technology and more bitcoin news.
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Fidelity Digital Assets has finally rolled out their long-awaited Cryptocurrency custody and trade operations services.


Crypto Tidbits: Fidelity’s Bitcoin Offering Live, Starbucks May Accept Cryptocurrency

#Bitcoin: Is cryptocurrency building up to something big?

#Alibaba will Consider #Blockchain Application in Supply Chain with More Interactions with Local Government

Tron Dapp Weekly Report: Tron’s Account Numbers Now Exceed More Than 2 Million

Tron Dapp Weekly Report: Tron’s Account Numbers Now Exceed More Than 2 Million

Cryptocurrencies will not be legally classified under ‘securities’: Colorado Governor

US Regulators Should Give Bitcoin Some Breathing Space

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2,000,000 TRX accounts, Alibaba Considers Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Not Security – Crypto News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


  1. Timestamps:

    Fidelity Launching Its Custody and Trading Service – 1:00
    Is Crypto Building Up to Something? – 3:58
    Alibaba Looking into Blockchain – 4:47
    Tron Reaches 2 Million Accounts – 5:52
    Crypto Will Not Be Legally Classified under Securities – 7:31
    US Crypto Regulation – 8:57

  2. Will do. Have a list of projects to look at this month but will add to it. On first look, such security token projects aren’t very exciting for me but will need to dig deeper to understand.

  3. Altcoin Buzz continuing to kill it, free giveaways? Always watch you guys for the first video of the day. Hat’s off to you guys, hat’s off!


  4. In a video about trx. I feel like I should comment in the spirit of tron. So I am announcing that I will comment, with a comment, in my comments.

  5. TRX is a good marketing project if they get their chain better they can lead the way , sometimes its not the best its the loudest that gets chosen and TRX is definately a loud MOFO , I LOVE YOU GUYS < some of the true OG of crypoto thanks for all your news , HOLDING ZEC , KMD , WAN , ICX ( which should moon since they helped samsung with samsung pass and they as you know just released enjin news so icon connects all chains so could have many use cases for SAMSUNG ) instead of worrying about 51% attack KOMODO already solved that issue and also has had 50k TPS , they can do 1 mill atomic swaps per second and they run a decentral exchange they are doing things that most cryptos promise will be done in next 5 years , they can be implemented today and they now do their 5 bullet point fridays to keep everyone interested and they also forked 40 chains at once so they have made the most real world moves imho , I am going big on them on final capitualktion adding .75 BTC , PLEASE PIUCK ME I NEVER WON ANYTHING 0x531E5779a6bb4C90725b373166Fcb0A8C803B03c

  6. If you wanna laugh to get winners I got one for ya , PLEASE PLAY THE VIDEO OF THE BITCOIN ATM that was broken into and whoever stole it wanted some bitcoin and was amazed to find it empty , That is the funniest thing yet , but for a joke , A man walked into a bar and said OUCH !!! I love this space and all my REKKT BROTHERS and sisters , we will be the pioneers in the future even if it goes to 1k , when its 2025 and the USA collpases it will rise like in VENEZUALA china just started a stimulus and we were at 1/10th expected jobs last month and the market (stock ) got artificially brought up Monday the woprlds 2 largest economies are REKKT and we should listen to bankers who are recking everything in this world , WE ARE THE FUTURE

  7. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”. I definitely think crypto is building up to something big and there are still those that are fighting it under the guise that it is all a scam and crypto has no future. But, on the other hand, just look at the big players entering or looking at entering the game now: Alibaba, HTC with MANA, Samsung with Enjin, Facebook, JPM etc. Change is coming…and we have only just begun! 0xcE1708823Ba25d937A88BcA2ccc645aDe2E90297

  8. That’s what I like about being part of the crypto community we all experience the same devellopment together

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