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Satoshi United Blockchain Conference

Coinbase Secures A $20 Bln Investment From A Whale

Coinbase has lured a $20 billion hedge fund onto its platform, but experts say the firm could run into trouble down the road

Coinbase Custody Is Now Open For Business

Huobi Launches Huobi Cloud Platform to Help Build Digital Asset Exchanges

Huobi Global

Crypto Is The Future Of Money, Says Nigel Green

DeVere Group

Cryptocurrencies Are Now Part of Mainstream Finance


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$20 BILLION Partnership For COINBASE! – Today's Crypto News

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Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann


    We are giving away 20 passes to the Satoshi United conference (worth $500 each).

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    Write in the comments what you think about Satoshi.

  2. satoshi nakamoto is the albert einstein of our time. The future of block chain is unimaginable.

  3. is coinbase going to hire more customer service reps because their customer service is absolutely horrible

  4. Satoshi Nakamoto will be remembered in history.Not for his idea but his willingness,his hope that he could pave a new future for the future generations.

  5. Michael Riordan just switch to ABRA. It’s the fastest fiat onramp. Faster, cheaper, more choices than CON base or Gemini. It takes between 24- 36 hours to cash out. Email is weird, but much better customer service. Just remember- when there’s a bullrun, and you’re ready to cash out at all time highs, be prepared for CONbase to do what they did in January. They’ll say “Sorry, you cannot exchange crypto into your usd wallet to cash out because we’re ‘overwhelmed’.” … Yet at the same time, you’ll still be able to buy. Hmm

  6. If this doesn’t throw red flags that Coinbase is a FFRDC (Federally Funded Research and Defense Center), I don’t know what will..

  7. Michael Riordan I’ve had nothing but great experience with the customer service. My bank card was charged several thousands of dollars and they helped me super fast. That sucks so many people have had such a bad time.

  8. The legend of Satoshi Nakamoto begins in the year 2140. The financial gloom of the time has taken a majority of the worlds population into hard times. Many are paralyzed by the financial grasp of the worlds elite. The future is dark and there is little optimism and hope for the future. Wars and famine are common through out.
    A group of freedom fighters called the Bit-Warriors devised a plan. Their leader Satoshi along with a key group of others conceived a time machine. The idea of the time machine was to go back to the year 2008 when a great financial crisis took place. Satoshi had been laying the ground work for a digital currency unlike anything before it. Before they could go to the year 2008 they first had to gather a couple more elusive parts to complete the time machine. Satoshis brother Zentashi had led a small group to infiltrate a heavily guarded aerospace factory where the parts they so much needed were held. The team was successful but not with out casualties. Zentashi found the area where the parts were at. The rest of the team was able to haul them out but Zentashi had failed to make it out of the facility before the gates were shut down and locked. He was captured and later executed without even a trial. The iron grip of the elite were not to be messed with. With the parts to the time machine now complete, Satoshi went back to the year 2008 to implement his ground work digital currency he named Bitcoin with the word Bit as an honor to the resistance Bit-Warriors and to his brother Zentashi. Satoshi seeded Bitcoin through online forums with enthusiast who were eager about a potential world changing idea. Satoshi handed the keys of Bitcoin to these early adopters of the community. The community took Bitcoin and it kept growing. The network was evolving and getting better. The potential of Bitcoin was being more realized as the years passed. Satoshi never made it back to his time though. The time machine had endured beyond repairable damage to its time capacitor. With no means of getting back to his time line, Satoshi chose to live the rest of his life as a recluse. Choosing not to change the fragility of the past any more then what had already been done.

  9. Satoshi is a group of anonymous individuals which came together to address and find an alternative to the monetary problems which reached critical mass in the 2008 financial crisis. Thank you.

  10. I saw that a lot of exchanges and pools are supporting MoneroV (XMV).
    Can you make a video about it?

  11. My birthday is on July 27th :). My vacation starts on the 27th. I pay my car completely off on the 27th. Yeah it’s gonna be a good birthday :).

  12. my thoughts on Satoshi Nakamoto. He is pure genius for this generation! whoever he is, all I gotta say is thank you for making this possibly happen because we now have a chance to be wealthy and understand technologies we choose to invest… I guess nobody doesn’t have to pick up soda cans and plastic bottles to get profit of it. instead we have crypto currency to take us there lol Yeeeeeeeeah…..!
    Bitcoin yes. Bitcoin yes sir, Bitcoin yes! Bitcoin going to the mooooooooooooooooooooon! 😂
    I hope I win🤞

  13. there should be one day of the year, we all be Satoshi Nakamoto. Besides that’s not the point we all make up to be Satoshi Nakamoto in our own ways! maybe when I’m there one day I probably make an announcement that i myself is Satoshi Nakamoto jk lmao!

  14. Jeff S he could be an 👽 or an Artificial intelligent humanoid, similar to the movie signal haha lol

  15. The greatest trick Satoshi Nakamoto ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

  16. Altcoin Buzz Mr. Satoshi is an interesting character because no one in the history of the world has been able to hide their identity better than this guy. There are crazy theories as to who it may be. Is he a part of the CIA, NWO, or just an altruistic genius? What is most interesting to me is how he hasnt withdrawn or used a single bitcoin in over 10 years…

    If he was assassinated or killed, the culprits would have withdrawn. If he was broke or needed some extra funds for an emergency, he could have easily withdrawn a few bitcoins…

    Perhaps Mr. Satoshi misplaced his private key? That would be the biggest financial blunder in the history of currency. Grab your popcorn and get ready for the most exciting story of the digital world!~

  17. Secure
    Open source

    Ladies and Gentleman, that’s Bitcoin!

  18. They only worrying about there hedge funds and richer clients – the little folks don’t matter anymore….

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