100%++ move coming! Where? When? How? – BTC, LTC, XRP, Technical Analysis

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Which one is poised for 100%++ gains?!

Mark will take us through 3 charts #Bitcoin BTC, Ripple #XRP and #Litecoin LTC. One of the coins has a good chance of having 40% gains in the next few weeks. Going through past data, indicators and patterns, Mark will give us a short and long term outlook on the three coins.

Mark is an active trader on the ACB team and a technical analyst. He is not a professional financial advisor. You should do your own research before investing and should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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100%++ move coming! Where? When? How? – BTC, LTC, XRP, Technical Analysis


  1. Hi Mark…I’m confused about the relative strength indicator…in stan Weinstein’s book he talks about the zero line in the relative strength (either above or below zero) but the relative strength indicator doesn’t have a Zero line? what am I missing..I have noticed the true strength indicator, however, does have a zero line…is this what he’s referring to?cheers!

  2. He’s using a different Relative Strenght Indicator. It’s the Relative Strenght (Mansfield) which has a zero line. I hope that helps

  3. Yeah, i guess ur right,why have i invested almost $10k into dumb XRP coins…sheesh… I better sell like asap 😓🤧

  4. That has always been the problem for XRP is volume and even when volume happens the price still doesnt move up , things that make you go hmmmmmmm

  5. When you have that much money in IRL life the last thing you care about is to flex on YouTube comments to broke kids tryna get rich off crypto as well 🤣

  6. Too much hype any more around that coin. It is like the boy that cried wolf…and they place an addition couple of hundred million coins a month (at least) per their OTC escrow wallet sales with no retail price correlation. Downward pressure on the retail price…check the circulating supply each month starting back in 2012 and see how much it has gone up. A majority of coins in that circulating supply came from Ripple’s wallet and were sold OTC. The only way this has a happy ending is mass adoption and upward pressure somehow. Just in case I am still holding a good deal but I cannot tell you how poorly I think they have handled things. THAT is why they cannot get sufficient volume and hold it. No interest and insufficient adoption.

  7. FWIW cup and handles are associated more with uptrends what one has here with LTC on the weekly is more of a rounding bottom formation

  8. Andrius Aleksejunas Well then you should short with all of your money on Xrp. 1000% profit , isnt it Nice ?

  9. IOTA had massive initial funding yet couldn’t even get there official wallet working for months… That alone is proof they will fail.

  10. +Andrius Aleksejunas you’re both dumb but homie has a point. Iota has been utter garbage and their wallet was unusable for wayyyy too long. Doesn’t mean it won’t be a meaningful project in the future

  11. Ya bro 589! Who cares if almost all of the supply is owned by its creators who minted it from thin air! Ftw!

  12. +Joseph Galia The increasing circulating supply every month via OTC sales by Ripple is a concern. I am not as concerned about Ripple owning most of that supply because its in their interest to keep it viable. However, if there is another Jed McCaleb type fallout with one of them holding massive amounts anywhere close to McCaleb (who held 9 billion at one point–Larsen 7) that could spell doom if they start dumping between the two of them even with the limit placed on Jed.

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