Dab tsi tshwm sim rau lub Binance txauv thiab thaum pib lub bids

Dua li ntawm qhov cog, Binance did not go online in the morning. Ntau tshaj ib hnub dhau los, technical work began on the stock exchange, which should only lead to atemporary decline in productivity,” but eventually stopped the work of the exchange and dragged on for an indefinite period. Nag hmo, Binance CEO Changpeng Jao ​​wrote on Twitter that there was an unforeseen difficulty in copying data, and it requires a re-synchronization of the database, which will take several hours.

At 8.00 in Berlin, Jao once again commented on the situation, saying that the developers are trying three synchronization methods, differing in speed: 1-2 hours, 5 hours and 9 hours respectively. At this point it is clear that the fast methods did not work. According to the latest information, tus “final data validationis now taking place, the resumption of trading is expected at 15.00 on Berlin. Within an hour before the stock exchange is online, users will be able to cancel orders. In addition, the team announced that as a token of gratitude forcontinuing support”, the exchange will reduce the commission to 0.03% per transaction until February 24.

Despite the fact that Changpeng Jao ​​has repeatedly stated that the Exchange is offline solely because of technical work, and denied the hacker attack, some users still think it’s a hack. In particular, comments from the exchange were demanded by John McAfee, saying thatno company has admitted to the hacker attack until it was forced.Last night, McAfee wrote on his Twitter that hedoes not try to sow FUD,” but he receives dozens of messages with information about hacking the stock exchange. To the post is attached a screenshot, under which, under the Binance logo, the exchange allegedly admits itself that it was attacked. And although someone supported Makafi, many accused the crypto expert of unsupported information and dubious evidence: “The picture sent by someyellowgroupso you prove the facts?”, “Never heard of photoshop? matured, “” you’re a security expert. ”

Makafi insisted that hejust asks a questionand as a security expert knows thatif the attack did happen and attempts to return funds were not taken immediately, the chances of recovering them are reduced to zero within 24 hours.” Txawm li cas los, Binance CEO, who answered many tweets, said that the programmer stilldistributes FUD”, and assured: “We will prove that you are mistaken.In response to the charges, Binance posted a tweet with untouched bitcoins and Ethereum addresses:

What happened to the Binance Exchange?

Sau: Cai Richard Abermann


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