New facility in Quebec begins Bitcoin mining operations

Marathon Patent Group, Inc. announced that it has commenced Bitcoin mining at its new facility in Quebec.

Nyob rau lub ob hlis ntuj 8, 2018, the Company announced it had purchased 1,400 (“Antminer S9s”) and on February 15, 2018 the company announced it had leased 26,700 square feet of data center space in Quebec, Canada.

Merrick Okamoto, Marathon’s Interim Chief Executive Officer said, “Today’s announcement represents a milestone for the Company.

Marathon is formerly an IP licensing company. Following the acquisition of GBV, the combined company will focus on the development of GBV’s new business involving the blockchain ecosystem and generation of digital assets. GBV is focused on mining digital assets and intends to add specialized computer equipment to expand its activities which would include mining new digital assets.

Sau ntawv: Sara Bauer


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    sagen, dass mir diese vom Design und den Informationen richtig gut gefaelt.

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