MasterCard lub CFO: Muas khoom Cryptocurrency no boosting peb cov neeg uas siv

Mastercard tau pom ib pab tej thaum neeg siv cov kev yuav khoom cryptocurrency zus.

Lub tus nyiaj them poob haujlwm network tus ntoo khaub lig-ciam teb tagnrho – a measure of customer spending abroadhave risen 22 percent so far this year, fueled partly by clients using their cards to buy digital currencies, said Chief Financial Officer Martina Hund-Mejean on Thursday. Higher spending on travel in Europe also contributed, she said.

“Just to be clear, we do not switch or settle cryptocurrency transactions over our network,” Hund-Mejean said on a call with analysts. “Our plans do not presume this type of activity will continue as we have no line of sight as to how cardholders will view cryptocurrencies in the future.”

Sau: Cai Richard Abermann