Can Donald Trump BAN BITCOIN? Difference Between Bitcoin and Facebook Libra

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The Libra is continuously taking heat from Donald Trump and other government officials, but the big question is, can Donald Trump do something about it and ban the Libra and maybe even Bitcoin? Mattie will also talk about the difference between BTC and Facebook's Libra crypto. Finally, Mattie will give you the latest from Coinbase and the new trading signals they are offering.
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Could #DonaldTrump Ban #Bitcoin or #FacebookLibra?

Could Donald Trump Ban Bitcoin?

Bitcoin vs Libra: Here are the key differences between the two cryptocurrencies

#Coinbase Users Get New Trading Signals for Smart Trades

Coinbase Users Get New Trading Signals for Smart Trades

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Can Donald Trump BAN BITCOIN? Difference Between Bitcoin and Facebook Libra

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  1. We need to educate the public between the difference between Decentralized Cryptos (BTC, ETH, LTC, DGB, etc.) & the MANY centralized crappy cryptos that ARE out there, including Libra.

  2. They Know BTC is unstoppable & the coming Fiat transfer into BTC & others is fast approaching. But, Libra coin had to be STOPPED ! Very bad coin/No Privacy, 3ird party control over your funds. No Way!

  3. yeah and non of those bankers go to prison because they at present own the world.

  4. How about informing about cryptocurrency projects that can scale and those that can’t. Those with privacy and those without? Those that are fast by default and those that are slow? Those with exorbitant fees that will prevent everday use purchases of goods and services and those whoe fees are near zil?

    Yes decentralization is important. Is it the only thing? No

    Value has to meet many criteria …….the above noted…….and including finite supply.

  5. Today they wrote in news that the open round of ICO directed by Pavel Durov gathered 75% of funds of in a couple of day’s *www.gramton. pro/toncoin*

  6. Nations that are crypto intolerant will hinder its citizens. Then what is the role of the government? be there to help the people or to rule the people? more like the later.

  7. Trump says a lot of things. A lot of things. He’s not going to do anything other than talk about it. I think Congress in general are friendly to btc.

  8. Found a nice eco-oriented project ASGARD. Has a very clear concise whitepaper, tokens are listed on p2pb2b. Growing now, great job!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  9. Are there any blockchain projects involved in real business? Except for ASGARD ECO FUND, they seem to be doing well on p2pb2b🔥

  10. Thanks for the video! 😀👍 Pls review asgard eco fund, I see it everywhere but need to know what you think before I buy

  11. Thank you for your video! ASG on p2pb2b is growing as expected🚀 lucky ones who had a chance to buy beforehand

  12. I’ve heard ASG token is supported by the Russian 🇷🇺🇷🇺 government which basically does not openly support crypto, I think we better keep an eye on it

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