Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource ua haujlwm nrog rau muab tej authenticator Acuant

Bitcoin ATM network Coinsource muaj partnered muaj Acuant, ib qhov zoo tshaj yuav tej KYC / AML authenticator, thiaj li yuav txhim khu yaam puab paub neeg, increase conversion rates, and mitigate fraud at all of its Bitcoin ATM machines.

Acuant’s API and patented technology will now authenticate IDs and passports by applying 50+ forensic and biometric tests, which is powered by human-assisted machine learning for accuracy.

“Our main goal is to protect our customers in a way that’s user-friendly and effective, and that’s one of the reasons we decided to partner with Coinsource. Coinsource’s quick and seamless transactions make for a truly amazing user experience and this integration will further that experience by ensuring customers their data is safe, secure, and accurate,” CEO of Acuant Yossi Zekri said.


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