Байлга гацсан Bitcoin БОЛНО? XRP Binance дээр нь БСТ солих? Crypto Мэдээ мэдээлэл

Шилдэг крипто-curencies брокер == ► энд эхлэх

Та өөрийгөө доош нь манай хяналтын тухай юу гэж боддогийг мэдэхийг бүү уу! Хэрэв та эдгээр зоос нь ч барьж байгаа?

Купон ашиглах код “FUDNATION” нь 15% таны Crypto Swag унтраах: HTTPS://www.fudclothing.com

Та бидний болон манай хамт олны хувьд ямар ч асуулт байна уу? Доор асуух бүү ай!

Twitter дээр биднийг дагаарай: HTTPS://www.twitter.com/fudtvofficial

Instagram дээр биднийг дагаарай: HTTPS://www.instagram.com/fudtv/

ХАРИУЦЛАГЫН ТАЛААРХ МЭДЭГДЭЛ: Энэ нь санхүүгийн зөвлөгөө биш юм! Энэ нь зугаа цэнгэлийн болон үзэл бодол дээр тулгуурласан шоу юм. Би санхүүгийн зөвлөх биш байна. зөвхөн та алдах төлж чадах вэ хөрөнгө оруулалт уу, Бид хөрөнгө оруулалт өмнө өөрийн судалгаа хийх нь таныг дэмжинэ. DYOR!

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Байлга гацсан Bitcoin БОЛНО? XRP Binance дээр нь БСТ солих? Crypto Мэдээ мэдээлэл

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  1. Really looking forward to that xrp vs xlm video. No coin has as many partners as XRPthe amount of volume about to get pushed through XRP will be head turning. Don’t miss the boat on this one.

  2. Man I’ve always disliked $XRP and love $XLMI’m torn because $XRP has so many “fans” and it can do well especially with a Binance pairing. I’ve not invested in $XRP but I’m thinking about it 🤔thx E! Looking forward to hearing and watching your vid on the dual between the 2 ✌🏻

  3. I’ve finally evolved into a system that works for me. I make many XRP and alt coins trades, all at very small percentages of my BTC, that way if I make a charting mistake, or get stuck holding because of a BTC dip, then it’s not a big deal because I go small bags only and just flip them at 10% gains, rinse and repeat. I also keep a dedicated chart that I created, nothing fancy, to record all my buys and sells and keep of running total of BTC (Satoshi) on hand. Гэж хэлсэн, if you all look through many alts, be them top 30 or even very obscure, you will find a several resting on support for the 1, 4 and 8hr charts, thus accumulation likely taking place. A few lucky ones pop and trigger my sell order in a day or two, while others need to be sat on awhile longer, but the sell orders are in already set so that I can sleep through it. One of my biggest faults in the early days was actually caring if I missed more profit and thus neglecting to sell. Now I dump a coin/token at 10%-20% profit and never look back or give it another thought. It’s a lot like grinding from back in the poker days. It’s a slow process, but making 5 bucks here, 10 bucks there, will eventually add up. Мэдээж хэрэг. Now I can also use new strategies like P.A.S strategy, from Walter Aarav, I got to utilize less than 10K in BTCs as investment, and I was able to make up to 75K profits in a week, you can also get more help from him at Waltertrading12@gmail. com . All this boils down to me telling the world to invest, make profits and re-invest

  4. R James I bet Ripple the bankers coin is terrified about this lawsuit. The company is worth Billions and obviously will pay law makers off. I really don’t think this is something to worry about. 😂

  5. Yep! There is a class action lawsuit being taken against Ripple/Xrp saying its a security! Could be X.R.I.P.☠️

    Tone Vays Law Review with 4 top lawyers will discuss this and other crypto securities later this week!

  6. 😂😂😂😂 I cant believe you guys actually held bitcoin throughout all this year.I got out in Febuary and you still hear guys saying buy the dip and then the next dame it dips and they tell you again buy the dip I have a friend he bought like 10 dips already 😂 now if you guys are investors than there is no problem but I am a day trader I focus a lot on scalping and for me the bull run in late 2017 was just a good opportunity for me to make money but I must admit I thought we were still going to go higher above 20k but when I saw a drastic selloff on Jan 7 on the MOM indicator that was it I got out there wasnt enough volumne to push for higher highs.Everyone is trying to predict reversals or how low we can go or how long will this bear market last the truth is no one knows and dont expect to comformt your losses with others peoples losses if its not woring get out of crytpo and go for stocks If you know how to trade if your just trading crypto because your friend became rich then I wish you luck you will probably lose everything.

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