Rising Price On Declining Volume!! | Small Pump Then Dump? | Louis Vuitton Launches A Blockchain!!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Louis Vuitton is launching a blockchain to track luxury items, and Weiss Crypto Ratings has ranked cryptocurrencies in a list. hoki, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

0:44 Bitcoin Today
9:49 Louis Vuitton
11:21 Whakatauranga Weiss
13:37 5 Days?!
15:21 BANKS….

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Louis Vuitton Owner LVMH Is Launching a Blockchain to Track Luxury Goods


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Rising Price On Declining Volume!! | Small Pump Then Dump? | Louis Vuitton Launches A Blockchain!!

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

42 kōrero

  1. any chance of you talking about stock-to-flow ratios and how it may affect longterm prices of BTC ?

  2. Rising wedge looks beautiful. 200 ema resisitance at 4100 roughly. Could see a bigger moon shot up for the week before we drop.

  3. I’ve also been playing my trades way to conservative last 2 weeks. This little bull rally just keeps going!

  4. We could get a lot of Volume at the start of the April only if we can set a candle in stone above $3950. LTC has a golden cross forming on the charts all the master/professional traders are aware of it. However if the price is manipulate and LTC drops below $52.00 it won’t happen. We also need to look at the alt-coin market to predict where BTC might be headed. If we don’t break the 200 day MA as far as I’m concerned we have hit out bottom.

  5. Thanks for making the video available earlier than usual Carl. With BTC taking an unexpected rise, it’s always good to hear your perspective.

  6. you got caught up in the doom scenario’s watch out people we wil be on a point where it is not falling annymore

  7. yeah, this uptrend is going further up than any of us expected. I think it will dump as soon as the resistance gets too heavy

  8. but the volume is declining, so Carl is right, the uptrend is running on fumes. Will correct SOON 🙂

  9. sodo you have a job or do you just trade Bitcoin and snort white stuff off the buttcracks of stripperS?

  10. But carl, what if the volume is fake on purpose to keep you and other analists out and miss out???

  11. amar rashid A drop? This guy had been calling a drop forever and it hasn’t it may drop but if people have been listening to this guy they most likely have been missing out on Alt trades.

  12. Why didn’t LVMH partner with the blockchain project that their ex CEO runs?? Not a great look for VET.

  13. I appreciate your statements about volume. But the volume reported is at an exchange or exchanges. The Exchanges are not a good reflection of true volume. This is similar to what we see in the FOREX Market. Decentralized means that the sources are so disparate any reports on volume are skewed. The Local over the Counter Markets in South America are not considered in these volume indicators. While volume is definitely a technical and fundamental factor. I believe there are many things that cause it to have less impact in analysis.

  14. My friend I agree with you. The problem is it’s getting dragged out and will drop when it’s time to as the larger time frames are still respected. This drop doesn’t have to happen now but go onto n3xt week. It’s all time based in the end, just got to wait. If it goes bullish then it goes bullish eith 4400 breaking. Right now we’re all looking for confirmation either way

  15. +kNviCt it just dropped to 136 pōtae piriona mākete. We’ve been bouncing between 135 a 142 for a month. But it did drop like he said. Wtf are you talking about. Probability is what he is saying. Did you watch the whole video??

  16. Hmm, I try to be objective, and objectively I still don’t see any clear technical that indicates that the bear market is over. The bearish signs are still more persuasive.

  17. e matau ana ahau ki, that’s why my stop is very loose, I don’t trust BTC to correct on perfect timing. Like I said in the video though, I don’t expect BTC to go much higher than $4100 before going into correction mode.

  18. +Mr Hole I don’t have a regular day job no, tauhokohoko + YouTube is my job,, I will not comment on the rest of your question though

  19. Hey Carl i like your videos, watch almost all of them.
    Just wanna note something tough. you talk about declining volume, however that is only on Bitstamp.
    On the binance btcusdt chart and bitmex chart the volume is not declining.
    So not sure if you are 100% correct with your interpretation.

  20. For the traders, who also believe in news and events: You should know by now when volatility will jump? Maehe 29 – April 3 (CME exp. – Settlement dates). Lets see if BTC holds on to it’s stable coin transition.

  21. +Chalbaoui Ahmed price of bitcoin will hit around 4230 and then it will drop from there one. If it goes sideways this week aswell then price will hit next week around 4200 then it will go down from there. It will double bottom at around 3200 tara.

  22. The Moon —— remember that 80% of volume is fake, and that BTC didn’t follow technicals many times over in 2017?

    And what about the tax cycle?

  23. +nate1454dog who said i will give any more free signals lol. I am glad the market is full of idiots haha that way outsmarting the market will be easier. Good thing this channel will make the market dumber

  24. The Moon you should check Steve from the crypto university. He is doing videos once per week or biweekly. His technical analysis has bee the most accurate since I have been watching crypto. Would be interesting to get your opinion on his latest video.

  25. Hey Carl,
    Any thoughts on a rally after tax day- April 15th? I Noticed that past data typically shows this.

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