Bitcoin Support & Resistance Levels! | North Korea Using Bitcoin!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: There are some support & resistance lines I want to show you. But there are also some interesting indicators that can predict the Bitcoin price. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. hoki, a new stable coin by startup Circle called USDC. ano, is North Korea using Bitcoin and Bitcoin mining to bypass the US sanctions? Well, watch the video to find out!

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0:51 Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau
4:40 Support & Resistance
7:11 General Market Analysis
11:09 Bitcoin & Crypto News

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"But they can’t confiscate your bitcoin" i Bitcoin

Bitcoin Support & Resistance Levels! | North Korea Using Bitcoin!

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  1. You’ve quickly become the video I look forward to watching the most everyday. You uncomplicate crypto TA.
    Thank you for your content.

  2. If you don’t love Carl, there’s something wrong with you❤️ You’re just the best!! Each morning while having my Matcha tea, I listen to his videos; followed by my happy dance 💃🏾

  3. Elmo Benjaminhes very informative and look how he chapters the videothey way he thinks is extremely intelligent and diligent

  4. The Moon Carl, I’m here for months et on Discord since day1.

    I just want to warn you that since you spoke about XRP at each video, the population is changing. We see a lot of stupid comments as we see on others youtuber video.

    Even in your every day pool. This last 10 days I feel the stupid money wants to talk and give his opinion as someone will care

    You had only the smartmoney because you were talking about technical that don’t interest the horde. But talking about XRP is bringing them here. I’m not feeling comfortable here with them. We need to stay together, only people that care about the real asset. Not the one that incredibly pump this week or whatever.

    Thansk for everything since the beginning. I wait your 90%-100% confidence for the next bull run before I go almost all in 😉

  5. the bearish momentum will likely push it to test the key support level at $6,000 – a level many deem to be BTC’s last line of defense before we enter a significantly stronger bearish market

  6. Whales and miners are trying to sell at highs but they also prevent the market from dropping too low.

  7. I just invest with Mr Joseph trading strategy and that enables me make $3500 from just $1,000 weekly.

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