Bitcoin STRENGTH?! The Support Won Over The Bears, Up Next? | Chainanalysis & The Coinbase Scandal

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Chainanalysis made a statement about the Coinbase scandal. hoki, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

1:04 Bitcoin Analysis
8:16 BTC Radio TX
9:37 Billionaire Investors
11:08 BTC To $300,000?
15:42 Coinbase Scandal

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Bitcoin Coders Send International Lightning Payment Over Ham Radio

Twitter CEO Is Buying $10,000 In Bitcoin Each Week: Why Is He So Optimistic?

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I don't accept donations, so if you want to support me, use any of the affiliate links above, also leave a like & Ohauru, that's completely free. Thank you very much!

Bitcoin STRENGTH?! The Support Won Over The Bears, Up Next? | Chainanalysis & The Coinbase Scandal

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

46 kōrero

  1. Carl you are a child genius!!! Mauruuru koe, u are a legend!!!! Lets dump BTC to $1K!!!!

  2. Did ANYONE notice a discrepancy lastnight on COINMARKETCAP???

    BTC dropped to 3500usd £2700 for less than 5 mins and the chart showed a vertical drop of 5%, today the chart had been changed and the drop is not visible. I’m convinced this market is rigged. I saved screenshots for evidence why is no one talking about it ???

  3. This LTC push is pure madness! Been traveling and I missed a lot of it but had once nice day trade yesterday.

  4. Crypto has just been used via a remittance company to pay for a honeymoon. First of its kind.

  5. BTC is in a linear logaritmic raise, yet. I personally believe in 100k by 3-5years.
    *This is not a financial advice.

  6. No analysis on Litecoin massive pump?
    I was expecting LTC to move up to $52 resistance but never assumed it can go through it up to $56. Pure madness.

  7. This chart is so choppy. Whoever day trades this trades in the hardest market in the world as of right now

  8. i have reason to live.
    long live SATOSHI NAKAMOTO!
    thanks Carl I look forwards to your vids every single day.

  9. These bitcoin movements are so trivial these days, not much different to stocks and shares? But I know you are a believer in another moon or mars 🙂 and I always like your videos

  10. +Rafsan Sobur i have a feeling you will have to wait till your 80 years old and die you idiot , it won’t go there anymore ,if it those it would kill bitcoin and it will drop much lower then 1k maybe even 10 tara

  11. Yes it happened during the day for me in Australia and I saw it actually happen. I was waiting for the rest of the market to dump but nothing happened for about 30 mins then boom back up again. Just shows how fast this market moves.

  12. It got rejected, than a whale stepped in,and sayd not gonna happen 🙂 litecoin is not done target 70dollar

  13. +Chris B you could tell it wasn’t real by going to markets, all the individual exchange prices were still correct.

  14. Personally I think bitcoin will be in the area of 3300-4400 for the next few months and then eventually move higher

  15. Yeah didn’t see anything on the markets. I was waiting as it was over a 5% drop but nothing came about it. Very weird and you have to wonder was it a mistake or intentionally done to cause panic?

  16. +who knew Or it goes like EOS two weeks ago where after 3 consecutive massive pumps there was a huuuge dump

  17. +Captain Arnoldz he is talking about the stochastic rsi, it s close to a dead cross, next few weeks dead cross happen and will go down, could be next week or 2 weeks

  18. twinkstance well in all fairness he was long yesterday and he killed it in 2018. I think he gets hate cos of his 6k was the bottom stubbornness and his war against cryptotwitter. But he’s really legit 😉

  19. Thia is called a no trade zone. All youre gonna get is large wicks, wait until the dust settles and the pa looks consistent again

  20. +miraeja Dudebeing so bearish after each major bubble burst calling for bitcoin death only for bitcoin to return to new all time highs the next months and years is just funny and sad lol. I don’t know the guy but these things i suppose must be bad calls for selfesteem xD

  21. This could be bad Governmt don’t want billion people millionaires that’s why they print more money n make more btc

  22. +Remco laken Exactly. Bitcoin dies at anything under 2500 honestly. I dont know what these bears are waiting for. See you at 100k.

  23. +Monkey Tron typically the price moves up 6-12 months leading up to the havleningAs the inflation is about to be reduced by half

  24. +ɃoilerRoom Yeah but we are still deep in a bear market. I’m shorting BTC and ETH and just longing LTC to hedge if we pop up higher. Very sure we go down again before August.
    Thats where I’m coming from dude.

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