Bitcoin Reversal! | Ethereum To $1,900 In Next Bull Run!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Is the Bitcoin price reversing right now? Well, my Bitcoin price analysis says so. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. I'll also talk about Ethereum (tiairaa'ra) and the Ethereum price, because I think that in the next cryptocurrency bull run we will so the Ethereum price soar. Want my full Ethereum price prediction? Kia mataara te ataata!

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Bitcoin Reversal! | Ethereum To $1,900 In Next Bull Run!

35 kōrero

  1. Everyone talking about next bullrun and reversal, time to short^^ new lows inc Edit: I have big shorts in dogecoin, this probably goas down even when btc rallies.

  2. Reading every comment being negative below + general sentiment still being bearish, makes me believe we’re in a disbelief rally phase 😉

  3. My elliot wave with fibonacci extensions and fib fan show a target of 2400 for ethereum in November 2019 🙂

  4. I called the dump with my buddy, we shorted at $6750 just an hour ago, right when the 4 HR macd crosadd

  5. I shorted at 6700,closed at 6400.
    Yesterday i longed at 6500 and i closed at 6700.
    Today after i Saw that 6740 Was top and due to bearish divergency i shorted.

  6. this is a tug-of-war between the people who sold at a high and bought last year early and are Panic selling

  7. Manipulated market. Don’t be a sheep. Do the opposite to what the markets telling you and the sheep are doing. Buy buy buy….bye bye👍

  8. Which fundamentale?
    Nobody Know the Real long term value of bitcoin.
    The value Atm without speculatiors should be 1k.

  9. Lolocaust Different countries have a different average production cost. The countries with the cheapest cost will be the first to use it.

  10. I really find hard to believe that people are ok with the fact that Ethereum has no max supply especially people against printing money isn’t it the same and remember that they also reversed the transactions from the DAO hack so they can do it again in case a big fish or a powerful country need a favor

  11. with that low price you should be holding and accumulating.. I think you are in to credits, I saw your picture from one of the members in the group-

  12. I’m really sorry to disappoint you, but it is bearish again. It seems you lack of Experience. Study more!

  13. I think your curve is a little too generous but that’s just my opinion.

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