Tuhinga o mua!! Bull Run Started? | Top 2 Reasons For The Pump = Bitcoin ETF “News” & $100M Whale

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: The Bitcoin price is going up, but why? I'll answer the question to why is the Bitcoin price going up. Was it the fake news about the SEC Bitcoin ETF? Is this the Bitcoin bull run? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

1:12 Bitcoin Today
7:35 EMA Ribbon
10:39 Weekly STOCH
13:23 VPVR Resistance
16:33 MACD & STOCH
19:03 Weekly RSI Resistance
20:00 Monthly
22:46 Daily RSI Support
29:41 Why Did The Bitcoin Price Go Up?

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[April Fool’s!] SEC Drops the Bomb: Approves Bitcoin ETFs


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Tuhinga o mua!! Bull Run Started? | Top 2 Reasons For The Pump = Bitcoin ETF "News" & $100M Whale

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

29 kōrero

  1. Yo, tū…. if you would have believed your own April Fools joke about satoshi wallet and pump…..
    Might be rich right now on this 25% surge

  2. we have had several events in the last months and nobody seemed to react on it as price did nothing so i dont believe in that april fools trigger

  3. I was also short before breakout but didn’t trust it and switched day before breakout 🙂 pff just in time.

  4. I got caught badly on a shortI very much appreciate your videos and your honesty when you failcheers

  5. Yep! Just 3 days to go til ŁTC K-POP USA concert. Must have been an Asian pump😀

    Interesting info re one ‘entity’ buying 21,000 Bitcoin. This may happen at an exponential rate in future years as even some governments buy in..

    Bitcoin ‘Halving hype’ getting closer…….

  6. this should show everyone how fast btc will go up with etf! however i do not think we need more derivitives, and i think it will hurt us long run because of lack supply!

  7. its more like it was the perfect time for them to invest to get all the fomo in as well

  8. Calm down buddies! A 🤖 had too much 🔋 juice yesterday and got crazy wired and pump the price.😂

  9. so now the conclusion of that pump is that 1 entity throwed in 20000 BTC, and other channels now pretetend with their I told you so mantra something was gonna to happen, or even sunny decrees video yesteday with the greatest call of the year by someone, so did he know that entity, i think not, it doesnt make sense to me

  10. It jumped because it was a head and shoulders pattern with an ascending channel as it approched the neckline. The target reached also confirms the H&S.

  11. Very good analisis (as always) You ‘ve nailing lots of calls, but you can always be right, that doesnt mean that you loose credibility, actually gives you more, it only means that you’re human. Keep up your good job and thank you.

  12. absolutly not. Shorts go squeezed, the pattern was building for 3 marama. Shorts where paying funding for ages, made them vulnerable and they coped it.

  13. 1NDyJtNTjmwk5xPNhjgAMu4HDHigtobu1s look at the movement of this wallet almost 100,000 btc in a day, can this be the reason?

  14. Great TA, thank you for your free content and your opinion, every day looking forward to your video 🙂

  15. I can’t believe a fake article about the SEC was what sparked this bullish trend. Wow.

  16. Fred Morris i was kidding a jokeof course the rich that pumped this arent soo stupid too invest from a fake article be realistic….

  17. Bitcoin was way oversold. It takes only a few impatient whales to start up bull moves. Shorters got smashed. Kone

  18. I think someone was preparing to buy anyway and the april fools joke acted as a catalyst, so it is related

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