BITCOIN MOVING!!!! | GOLDEN CROSS OFFICIAL! | Ascending Triangle Or Channel? | Bearish Divergence

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: The Bitcoin price is breaking out. The Bitcoin golden cross is official. I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

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BITCOIN MOVING!!!! | GOLDEN CROSS OFFICIAL! | Ascending Triangle Or Channel? | Bearish Divergence

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

38 kōrero

  1. If we get above 5.7k then we are headed toward 6k

    If 6k is broken ( high’ly unlikely) then we are headed up to $6700

  2. 16:32
    I Don’t agree, dumb money has not even entered into the market, rsi will get much higher than previous eventually.

  3. Wyckoff distribution pattern schematic #1 unfolding? Currently at UTAD (upthrust after distribution) whakamātautau? Which BTW is bearish.

  4. The bears are smart. When would be the best time to dump Bitcoin? Straight after everyone fomos into the Golden Cross.

  5. Hello Carl, as always, amazing analysis. Everyone expecting a massive dump, but contradicts with all the other supports that it has now (EMA in major timeframes, zones in candlesticks) and what about thebump and run reversal patron”?
    It’s still un play.

  6. The next bull market will happen in ‘fast forward’ aratau. Anyone who’s waiting for the price of BTC to retest the 200 MA will get caught out.

  7. No Youtuber will dare to call the bullrun first.
    We just passed $150K Bitcoin, but i still see some bearish divergence on the chart so i will not call this a bull run yet😂
    Kidding keep it up man !

  8. maybe might go down to $5000 stop waiting poor people like myself can not wait it aint going back down to $3000 level they hoping it will it wont

  9. Bitcoin is preparing for the rocket lunch to the moon and the bull market will take place soon.

  10. The moon is really tempting for the public. But a trader finding big swings to trade will go to the stars. Big stuff about to happen for sure

  11. The drop from 6k was not technical it was war between bchabc/ bchsv. So going abv 6k is the beginning

  12. Chris ur part is right 50%, it is normal when a golden cross is formed,that means a correction follows up in the upcoming time, nothing wrong with it,it is natural past showed it every time 👍 its over for the bears. The golden cross = is also mid between (ka karanga) disbelieve phase 1 it stand s now with 1 feet in 1 and the other in 2 welcome to a new era where you will be verry happy within 3years✌

  13. You have personal meetings with these so called bears or something? Iol Truth is, everyone has been an expert since April 1st shooting in the dark.

  14. A big BULL TRAP.
    There were many golden crosses in the previous bubble, so now it’s a bill trap.

  15. The only reason there was a bull market was because of the Ethereum ICO boomWhat is there now besides speculation?

  16. +xA18kND1x The OTC market is drying up. Institutions will no longer be able to buy BTC OTC and sell on exchanges. The coming of BAKKT and the ETFs will trigger a large scale investment boom as early as 2019. Financial institutions have been positioning themselves ahead of the bull market that THEY will initiate. The retail investors will FOMO into the market in large numbers when the MSM(controlled by the institutions) begins hyping up the crypto market on television. hoki, much development has happened in the crypto space during the bear market and it’s mostly unknown to retail investors.

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