Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Crash! What’s The Price Target?! – Hokohoko Crypto & Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin (BTC) continues to crash! What's the price target?! Let's discuss this and some cryptocurrency trading analysis + current news topics on today's video!

😈 Kia whiwhi o tenei crypto!

Whakakape: Ko te ihirangi hipoki i roto i tenei ataata / awa ora NOT tohutohu haumi. Ahau NOT ahau he kaitohutohu pūtea. Ko toku ake whakaaro whaiaro anake enei, whakaaro, ngā tūtohi, tātari hangarau, ngaahi fakakaukau, matapae rongo me te utu. mahi tonu koutou ake rangahau, me te anake haumi anake e hāngai ana i runga i tou ake kitenga, me te whakawa whaiaro. Whakatau ki te haumi i roto i, me te / ranei te hoko Bitcoin (BTC) or any other type of cryptocurrency is extremely high risk and can crash at any time! Ko te pono tenei ataata / awa ora mō ngā take whakangahau anake!

Bitcoin (BTC) Continues to Crash! What's The Price Target?! – Hokohoko Crypto & Cryptocurrency News

27 kōrero

  1. Oh Kirby ! You just don’t like the color red. Where going to the moon Kirby 🌝 you’ll see. Lmfaooo

  2. (Mickey mouse voice)Oh Kirby you don’t know .you’re such a bear Kirby. We’re going to the 🌒

  3. Well tomorrow James at the watercooler will get his latte cheaper at StarbucksTotally worth it

  4. Kirby plays on both teams. He is buy (sexual ) bear or bull it doesn’t matter. .. LoL.

  5. I dont see bitcoin going back up much more to be honest….anake 6 days until the ETF news comes, and I dont see them approving it rather pushing it back morethat will be the final straw for bitcoin imoi just dont see retail volume coming to the rescue, even though the news and everything elseneed more than just bots behind the price

  6. Thank you so much for this. I just got into trading and crypto and all I was starting be convinced by guys with this bull bs. I just sold my btc and will sideline until we go much lower.

  7. What country? If you are in the U.S. any of the major exchanges you can go BTC/USD now. That means out into fiat in a USD wallet. Like at Coinbase in particular, or Coinbase Pro.

  8. I have lost confidence in bitcoin to be honest. I am looking into alt coins to be the next bitcoin and I think i have found the coin of the future.

  9. if you take a fib retracment from our low at 5800 on the 24/06, te 0.618 lines up perfectly on our resistance at 6800.

  10. Crypto Kirby Trading thanks for the transparency in the public tele, you da man KIRBS! Let’s get this crypto 🎯

  11. Thin volume during the weekend. Bot/algorythm activity sent it downward. It could go back. Needs to stay above $6800.

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