BITCOIN BREAKOUT TO $6,800?! | $30% PUMP!! Bump & Run Bottom Theory | Start Of BULL RUN?!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Is the Thomas Bulkowski bump and run reversal bottom a pattern that is forming in the Bitcoin chart right now? The bump and run is a pattern signaling a market bottom. Is this the Bitcoin bottom? I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

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My BitMEX Tutorial:

BITCOIN BREAKOUT TO $6,800?! | $30% PUMP!! Bump & Run Bottom Theory | Start Of BULL RUN?!

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

26 kōrero

  1. Very enlightening, next lecture Bulkowski.
    And thanks for that idea, I will use it to improve my mental model
    Great job!

  2. possible we just do a wick above EMA ribbon then dump?
    I will buy if we break up decisively with volume.

  3. Laid it out really well. This chop we are seeing now has put me on the sidelines a bit

  4. Nice find in this chart, I have yet to see anyone else identify it.

    You continue to provide valuable info. Thanks for your efforts 👍

  5. looking for moon targets this close to a massive resistance is very dangerous.. the ascending triangle target is hit im looking more for the downside atm..

  6. Yesyesyes….and everyone’s disregarding the fact that we had a bump and run pattern back in feb-may 2014 which failed.

  7. Dude one day you say it’s going to drop, and another day it’s going to 6.8k

  8. So great that you’ve shared this info. with us. Thanks and GREAT JOB! I also wanted to ask if you think the upcoming Golden Cross is in any way more conformation of the possibleBump and Runpattern. I made a chart with both patterns and will forward to your Trading View Page, thanks again!

  9. not getting my hopes up, if we do how ever do go back down to 3100 to re test i will be ready to buy, hopefully in a month or two.

  10. The Moon Yes, but I seem to have a hard time understanding the purpose of proposing a bullish analysis if you’re predicting it’s going to drop again. It’s similar to someone telling you they will be at your party, then the next day they tell you all the possibilities of why they might not be able to make it to your party. I guess it’s confusing getting bearish analysis one day, and bullish analysis the next. Sorry if I came off rude.

  11. +Nineball there are pro traders that make a living trading that make youtube video’s?? I don’t see why being a pro trader as anything to do with making a video?

    That’s like saying a professional fighter would never upload videos giving selfdefence tips to youtube or awhat about music video’s why do they do it? It’s extra money why not?

    Francis aka crypto sniper hes well known in the trading world, krown he used to trade millions in traditional markets, Tone vays did the same.

    I see these types of comments all the time on crypto videosif he was that good he would not be making videosthat is total bs you don’t hear Warren Buffett saying im a multi billionaire and will now stop making money or sorry i dont do interviews on how I made it big in investments, you will find that those who make the most lots of money are narcissistic to the core and love to show off in public and whats a bigger way to do it than on YouTube

    Your argument makes as much sense as an ashtray on a motor bike

  12. He said if it closes above the trend line we’re going up to 6800 and if not we’re going down to 4500

  13. +Gregory Snelgar there will be a big wick down before we go higher bitmex will rek the longs to use that liquidity to pump it higher and then the shorts get rekt on the way up to use that liquidity to pump it higher thats how bitcoin trades stop hunts and it then goes the oppersit way to the original pump or dump wait for the dump or wait for the pump and then take the trade.

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