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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Will the Bitcoin price break back above the 200-day moving average? I'm currently long on Bybit and I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

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Carl Eric Martin (Ko te Moon)


Arotake StormGain


Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

38 kōrero

  1. I like it more now that you’re adding news on ur videos. pls keep this up! 👌🏼

  2. Do u think BTC will reach a price when it starts to be measured universally by mBTC so ppl feel like they are purchasingsignificant amounts”?

  3. Someone lies on that IRS question, they’re done. When gov asks a question, they already know the answer.

  4. It’s good when you live in Sweden Carl. I live in Ukraine and I can’t afford to disclose anything to the government, cause I will be tortured for my crypto if I do.

  5. Hi Carl, love the videos. You compare the bottem of bear market with current price situation, if you look at the chart of amount of adreses that hold 1000+ Bitcoin , it shot up right before the price went up. Now in current situation the ammount of adresses shot up again, so it mirrors that too if price goes up now.

  6. fele, just bite your tongue and deal with the extortion your government is committing. Hand them your money, or you will be punished.

  7. Governments can come & get me. They can’t get all of us!
    The more we fund them, the more they rob us!!

  8. Don’t sacrifice yourselfread “How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World” by Harry Browne

  9. @מיכאל Lamont Right. If you check ‘YESand do not report anythink, expect audit. If you check ‘NOand they later catch you, big fines, penalties, and actually a crime, Whakapono ahau – (falsifying gov doc)

  10. @מיכאל Lamont Yeah, give away your most basic human rights, finance government even more. Because of terrorist threat, because they knew who those people were, they knew what they planned and they let them in to the country as if those were honorable guests or something. So finance government even more, give it even more exceptional rights, cause it’s doing its job bad. For it to do its job even worse.

  11. “I roto i te Hononga o Amerika, the day when you pay your taxes is a day of mourning because this alien forcethe governmentis coming to rob you of your hard-earned money. That’s the general attitude, and it’s a tremendous victory for the opponents of democracy, a, o te akoranga, any privileged sector is going to hate democracy.

    In a democracy the day when you pay your taxes, April 15, would be a day of celebration, because you’re getting together to provide resources for the programs you decided on.

    If they didn’t spend my taxes on corporate tax cuts, subsidies and torturing poor brown people all over the world for profit, I’d love paying taxes.

  12. @Bubba Vickery No I’m not. But statistically speaking the impact I make on future is a magnitude more than an old grandma. I have 35+ years of earning life left. Because people on focus on past too much. I focus on grooming the future – 8 year olds 10 year olds about this tech, who will build solutions to future problems and expand the ecosystem. I already know a bunch of 10 year olds who are working on Bitcoin core protocol rather than wasting their time on BS that is useless at school. And their motivation is not just mere fiat gainsthey have much lower time preferences than a grandma (20 years instead of just 5 tau) but on how to improve the tech and build much more advanced systems as layer 3 solutions on top of lightning. Your grandma doesn’t give a crap about building better solutions or anything on top of Bitcointhe moment BTC drops 80% she’s out. Not a 10 year old. Not to mention the human anatomy dictates that people at younger ages learn much faster than older people. Like learning about complex Math topics such as Number Theory, Tuhimunatanga, Algebriac groups.

    If you want to prove me otherwisetell me what else did you (who are 60+ or are grandmas do other than just buying BTC?). There is nothing genius about buying BTC. It’s but obvious to own BTC and not fiat. This is never the starting point of my discussion with a 10 year old (their question is what else can I do on top of it). The discussion about trusting a third party for your money like Coinbase never even happens (it’s but obvious have self ownership of your money). And even if the grandma doesn’t buy BTC, her kins for sure would not keep money in fiat. A better future is built from a more educated and intelligent present and future generations.

    FYI I’m a Bitcoin dev.

  13. This may seem like a dumb question, but does “receive” mean the same thing as “purchase”?

  14. @Rishab Dhar Look my guy the point is that it is now easier than ever for ANYONE and EVERYONE to buy and use bitcoin. Everything else you just said is irrelevant under this comment. However I am glad you’re doing what you’re doing so keep it up 🤘

  15. Dump everything but Bitcoin. If we didn’t have altcoins btc would be worth waayyyy more. Alts were created to destract us from Bitcorns 🌽🌽🌽

  16. agreed. I hate the way that crypto is treated tax wise. It’s a giant pain, but I’ve been carefully reporting everything every year I’ve been involved in it. Not doing so could really come back to bite you later. I have no doubt they have been very carefully tracking it since the silk road.

  17. 6:35 many institutional investors are accumulating Bitcoin but the price Is still very low . One way to put it , price won’t go up anymore because they have too much Bitcoin to keep on selling for decades to come

  18. hoki ahau, I believe the recommendations that I got from aitrada website
    I do my BTC trading there and it’s really great, I made a big amount of profits very fast.

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