BITCOIN BREAKING TO $14,000!!!! | Altcoin Boom Or Doom? | Libra & Privacy

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: Is there an altcoin season coming? Or is the dream about an altcoin boom dead? hoki, I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

1:05 Bitcoin Analysis
8:25 Facebook Libra
11:23 BTC Too Volatile?

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Facebook to Senators: Libra Crypto Will Respect Privacy

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BITCOIN BREAKING TO $14,000!!!! | Altcoin Boom Or Doom? | Libra & Privacy

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32 kōrero

  1. Thank you Carl! I’ve been waiting for your report all day yesterday. You have been a great help for me and my family learning how crypto currency works. Evey day I learn something. Again thank you.

  2. Completely agree with the tweet! Market cap is only 230 piriona. Gold is 8 Trillion. Frustrating people saying bitcoin is not usable because of the volatility. Bitcoin has to start from somewhere like anything else.

  3. The most important target as far as I am concerned is getting a new all time high, that’s when the mainstream media will start to get involved again.

  4. Like what Andreas Antonopoulos said recently, there’ll be 3 types of money, money of the people, bitcoin alts, gov crypto (china already started that in recent scmp article), and corporate crypto (libra …etc)

  5. I found a pattern in 2014 a 2017 that alt coin boom came few weeks after BTC hit the previous ATH.
    So I think this time after BTC hit 20k, altseason comes.

  6. Alt season is always a reaction to a BTC bear market so until that’s a reality again it is not going to happen.

  7. Notice USA international Soccer player CJ Sapong is heavily into Bitcoin and crypto.

    Team mate at Chicago Fire in MLS of German World Cup winner and Bayern Munich legend Bastian Schweinsteiger. ‘Sign of the times’……

  8. Thank you for the content, always like your analysis. I understand it’s not a good moment to buy Alts with BTC but would you say it’s ok to buy with fiat while they are cheap? Alts might offer higher multiplier than BTC.

  9. Facebook only goal is to make money and collect customers infornation and sell to the highest bidder. LIBRA coin is just a front for greed. Facebook cannot be trusted.

  10. i am getting scared with the speed of this bull run. it smells like a trap
    if it breaks the 61.8 then BTC will take few weeks to reach ATH. and thats SCARY!
    BTC has not seen yet a real crash since the April rise

  11. Also keep an eye on sophiatx. they are going to announce new partners in the coming 2 ranei 3 marama. and an update of a new system is coming. I have seen it pass

  12. Make No mistakes. This is so bullish i can not believe it. ATH very possible this year!

  13. Craig Leppan

    The Key is to have the data locked in vault (in escrow) secured with smart contracts, and multi-signature/ etc etc.

    In which the person or organization, that it’s their data, can give access to it through the Blockchain, to individuals and orgs that can then only use that data, for the individual or orgs benefit (as fully expressed in legal/ Smart contract) termsonly for the specific time and use listed in contract.

    The future is that we all own ourselves fully, and that includes our data.

    The key is that the code is bulletproof, because this is centralized.

    It is necessary to bounty the coding/ building of the network, and maintenance/ protection of the network.
    (What Bitcoin has in place… & the decentralization.. that Bitcoin has in place)

    The difference will always be that Bitcoin is a “we the people” / Open-Source / co-creative world that we are all creating together. We all have votes/ say…(& when I say Bitcoin, I mean Bitcoin and all Affiliates (all Alts/ orgs.. that are building key Bitcoin Network Infrastructure).. and this includes all other networks that are in alignment with the Agreement Field we are all choosing.. to create such new internet/ systems for a better world that serves all.

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