BITCOIN BREAKING OUT TODAY!!!! | How To Trade On Bybit | Financial Crisis Coming!!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: The Bitcoin price is about to breakout. There is a horizontal triangle or bullish pennant forming, and the BTC price will break bullish or bearish today. I'll use technical analysis on the BTC price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

1:04 Whakawhitinga a Bitcoin
4:02 Bybit Tutorial
6:34 Altcoins & Dominance
9:41 National Dollar Day
10:30 Financial Crisis Coming!

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Blockstream’s mining farm has more than enough hash to attack every other SHA256 coin at the same time. BTC forks are not secure. i Bitcoin

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BITCOIN BREAKING OUT TODAY!!!! | How To Trade On Bybit | Financial Crisis Coming!!

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

41 kōrero

  1. How do you know if it is fake out or not? I could image that it fakes out and reverses direction.

  2. Brilliant show. Most of my family work hard on minimum wage and have no savings. They cannot obtain a mortgages.

  3. you know your politicians are not on your side (with the financial stuff)

    why would you also assume they give 2 SHITS about the perpetuation of your genetics, culture, heritage and racial identity???

    they DONT!

    I maybe a working class drunk, alcoholic mad bastard of a Glasgow council estate in the SHITE end of the City but I have nothing to lose and can therefore speak truth tae power

  4. Hey Carl.

    I would not say that a new form of money or a new Bitcoin willnever everhappen because technology is changing constantly and throughout history there has always been a new technology which becomes superior to the old version. It may be hard to spot, but I will be careful in saying that Bitcoin will forever be the best form of money there is and always will be.

    A new form of crypto might appear that does not even require proof of work but might be based purely on algorithms and artificial intelligence to secure the network.

  5. You got the 1k candle you was asking for just a few minutes after your comment.. but I guess you wanted a green one 😀

  6. Lol everytime it’s always a negative breakout and altcoins just keep going lower and lower

  7. Hope you haven’t leverage traded too much to the long side. Too many people doing the same. Whales taking advantage of smaller traders.

  8. I’ll ask it again, I asked the previous video too. Where does the other $50 come from ByBit? The max they tell you you can get is $60, the only one that says you can get $110 is you, please explain where this other $50 comes from. I’m not interested in this if I only receive $50 instead of the $100 for depositing

  9. Carl, i feel tht u make the most sincere efforts to post high quality videos and r genuinely interested to grow the cryptp community. your efforts are very much appreciated !
    Thank you very much …..

  10. matau, glad someone here actually listens to what he says. everybody says he called it. when he specifically said he thinks its going up.

  11. @PINCH right! Such a liar! He just put a positive comment to reconfort himself but we both know the truth haha 👍

  12. If you’re in America, I can’t recommend going into a trade enoughAll of them are hurting badly. Go into electrical or plumbing. They are the two best union jobs and make TONS of money. Best of luck!

  13. Bitcoin is the most secure network 👍

    tonu, because it came after Bitcoin as a fork, Litecoin has a track record of no downtime 100 per cent uptimea very impressive stat

  14. bloodybjorn he said a breakout to the upside is more likely than a dump, but only because he said it‘s more likely it is not certain. you understand the difference?

  15. This channel has really improved my ability to profit off of Bitcoin, you really teach people a lot of important things; your work is very valuable. I used to be scared to short Bitcoin and would only short small amounts, now I short $1,000+ of Bitcoin and have been profiting immensely.

  16. @PINCH Nah he didn’t. He said that tightening ranges during an uptrend have an upwards bias, so there’s maybe a 65% chance it goes up; if he thought it was going up, he would have put in a short before the breakout, not after.

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