Bitcoin e tupu ana!!!! | Litecoin Up 28% | Bull Run Or Bull Trap??!

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Bitcoin Analysis Hangarau & Bitcoin News teie mahana: I'll use technical analysis on the Bitcoin price to make a Bitcoin price prediction. Kia mataara, te ataata ki te ako atu!

0:57 Bitcoin Analysis
11:41 Litecoin 28%
14:41 Total Market Cap
15:30 Comments
17:30 What Do You Guys Think?

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Bitcoin e tupu ana!!!! | Litecoin Up 28% | Bull Run Or Bull Trap??!

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57 kōrero

  1. Still thinking 2.6k-2.8k will be bottom, we’ll see. The Crypto University guy said that and he has been right too many times lol

  2. Carl you are amazingi am watching your videos every day ….
    Simply because of the fact that nobody can bring the thing in peoples mind like you do every day ….
    Stay as you are carl!…..
    your channel will multiple when people wake upno doubt!
    I prefered some friends to watch your videos a week ago….now they all fell in love ….🤣
    My oncle is working as broker for banks….aint he is able to explain the chart in that way
    I absorb your TA like a sponge
    We all here could be proud to become 1class info to get aducated before the rocket starts….
    Youre genius my friend
    Nice greets from austria

  3. I dont think so ive spoken with much people ,exact about theadam and evedouble bottom .
    Unlikely and after this break no chance for illegal apples

  4. You are the most accurate youtuber. Im a fan of kirby and allessio, but lately ive noticed that carl is a LOT more accurate in his TA

  5. Yup, after shilling his course x4 times in one video, Steve does say that nobody knowsBut in the past we always needed months of sideways action to create confidenceSo he suspects around October 2019 a nice jump up that won’t be dumped the next day/week

  6. This means we have time to buy slowly slowlyI’m thinking Ada + Iota, plus a little bit of xrp

  7. Or everyone is too scared to holdThe super rich are more careful at these levels as there shorts can be washed out more easy causing huge loses………………….

  8. This is just another BART. It will dump to the lower level of the horizontal triangle and then break down towards capitulation.

  9. Whales buy OTC. They can easy crush the market any time…. They have so much to sell, that you even cant wrote that number on the paper.

  10. Litecoin’s move wasn’t a reaction to bitcoin, it moved first, Bitcoin followed, seems to be a trend this year.

  11. +Digital Nobody in Bali Mine a longer chain for days , weeks even and suddenly post it to the network. Said chain would be accepted by the network as it would be a valid one, except it will have no transactions basically invalidating all the transaction for the last few weeks. Meaning that millions/billions in commerce would be gone as the wallet balances would reflect the state of the network just before you were to commence the attack. Once that is done people would unload their Bitcoin for fiat as they would lose faith to the network (due to the billions in damages) the miners would anticipate that by posting big shorts in multiple exchanges just before they are to make their chain known. Once panic sets in they will close their shorts and become billionaires overnight by gaming the system. Only miners can do that and they will only do that if they stop making money from the network (I.e. attack it)

    A $1k bitcoin won’t make money to the majority of the current miners, therefore the network will be attacked.

  12. Bullshit. It’s now ready to start it’s climb. Those that are wishing for it to fall below 3k, DREAM ON…..

  13. Ae, there seemed to be a combination of factors that caused this Litecoin bull movement. Litecoin breaking major resistance on the charts was one factor. hoki, the announcement that Litecoin is going to be adding privacy features was another. Finally, the Litecoin halving is just a few months away, so it is only natural that the market might start pricing this in. Litecoin led Bitcoin, not the other way around. With the Litecoin halving approaching this trend might continue. I roto i te meka, I’ve been wondering if it might be Litecoin that drags the crypto market out of the downtrend this year.

  14. The best crypto youtubers and internet resources are those who teach and detach from ego/emotions. Those include:

    Crypto Crew (Steven Courtney)
    Allessio Rastani
    Bob Loukas
    Waves .618
    Blue Collar Crypto (fundamentals, not TA)

    The BEST online, written resource I have found is Marius Kramer on Quora. HANDS DOWN.

    Kirby is too much emotion and ego in a market where calm is crucial. How many times do we need to hear him talk about his haters, pound his desk, yell DON KIRBONACCIO!! and the rest?

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