BITCOIN BREAK TO $12,000 OR DUMP TO $8,500?!? | IRS Hunting US Citizens For BTC Gain

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Bitcoin Price Can Reach $20k All-Time High In 2019, Says Mike Novogratz

U.S. Tax Collector Is After Thousands of Bitcoin Holders

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BITCOIN BREAK TO $12,000 OR DUMP TO $8,500?!? | IRS Hunting US Citizens For BTC Gain

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Hanga e Sara Bauer ko Richard Abermann

38 kōrero

  1. Kihi. We need another Boston Tea Party revolt when Uncle Sam comes for our crypto. Try taxing gold, a$$hole$.

  2. Tax over bitcoin is theft. Government will use violence,yet they say violence is not the solution.


    There has been paid tax already over money that was used to buy bitcoin. So in the Netherlands, we pay no taxes over bitcoin

  3. ya its your money you bought crypto with own risk of losing, you traded sometimes win sometimes lose, and here comes the govt, want some share of you have after doing nothing but controlling you.

  4. A nation without sound principles is a fiefdom. The IRS are a parasitical, predatory agent of force that are clearly anti-human, therefore unconstitutional and therefore UNLAWFUL, as are the so-called Federal Reserve who are neither a part of the government nor have any reserves. Only the threat of violence has propped them up this long. Therefore they must and will be dismantled. If it isn’t what The Creator/Source/God/Allah/Krishna/Vishnu et al would have wanted for humanity, created as we were as a fractal extension of Itself, it shall not prevail for very long in cosmic terms, unless God is evil. Sometimes I do wonder. God is all things, by definition, even what it is not. Work that one out. Only an error of judgement could have allowed this joke of a ‘civilizationto happen, as everything in nature is a perfect, zero waste recycling system except in human affairs. We are simply at a time of manufactured, Marxist moral relativism and ethical confusion that doubt and ignorance of our true spiritual nature have robbed us of our inherent and self-evident power, as co-creators with God.

    Where We Go One, We Go All because everything IS one. This is logically undeniable, try as we might to use scientific reductionism to divide and dissect everything into smaller and smaller pieces of the Whole. You can only have one sum total of all that is; therefore God is real, whatever name you choose according to your cultural understanding or lack thereof, as it is everything that exists. You are a part of it, no less worthy than any other. Your mere existence validates you. Meditate on that and you will realise what and who you really are. You create reality with your mind and we collectively create a consensus reality, however non-Byzantine fault tolerant!

    In war, hei tauira, it is okay to murder innocent civilians, hell, entire villages, if you were told by your commanding officer that the first to stab someone to death gets two day’s leave. Makes a man of you, son. A man who commits suicide when he returns home and starts having nightmares when his brain rights itself again, according to a more civilized reality where such things are abhorrent. It’s called contrast. It’s why we seek new experience. Those who know this mechanism of mind-control manipulate those who don’t into creating a reality that suits their agenda. The question then becomes, “What is their agenda and who are they?”

    I and others would posit that nothing makes sense of world affairs right now except in the context of a covert alien invasion and takeover of the planet for its resources, (tae atu tatou; 800,000 ‘missingevery year in The U.S. anake!), by the use of advanced psychological warfare. If they have advanced technology involving consciousness as a motivating principle, they sure as hell know how to manipulate us into killing each other for table scraps by using poverty as a tool. Happy, healthy people have better things to do. Since the late 1980’s and the great merger & acquisition phase of the western economy under NAFTA and its predecessors, we even call each otherHuman Resourcesinstead of Personnel. Get it? I’ve watched this happen gradually over time. David Icke calls it, “The Totalitarian Tiptoe”. What kind of misanthropic psychopath calls another a human resource? You cannot have economic or lethal war without a brainwashed, racist population. This is a simple fact as fear of imminent attack like WMD or nuclear fallout is necessary to convince people to pro-actively risk their lives to defend themselves and others of the same tribe, many ironically who come from the targeted country. Many Jews fought alongside the Nazis.

    Ka rite ki taua, war is obviously a business model, not an inevitability and the banks are fund-da-mental to it’s success and the ultimate beneficiaries. The current economic model is so perfected that resistance is even met with programmed disgust from your own family, for refusing to kill people you have never met and would probably likeeven marryif you did. The only difference is that instead of going on holiday to a foreign country to escape your familiar consensus reality for a short time, you would arrive prepared to kill anyone that moved simply on the word of someone abusive and immoral. Imagine doing that on holiday. What’s the difference?
    Weaponised and institutionalised fear.

  5. Yes and if you had a loss for the year, like a lot of people did in 2018, you aren’t allowed to deduct all of your loss for the year. They tax you for all your profits but won’t let you deduct all your losses. Cheaters

  6. @sonprak, they’ll have to prize it out of my cold, dead hands once they introduce mandatory microchipping. I mean, what better way to keep your private keys safe, children? If we can’t protect ourselveserrrm sorry we mean youby regulating Bitcoin, we can force exchanges to insist on requiring everyone to have an implantable RFID chip in the back of their hand and use scanner as they do in Sweden and elsewhere, voluntarily and otherwise……

  7. Jail may not be fun but the agenda is global population reduction via total control. Vechain want to track everything and everyone for example and guess where they are based? There’s a telecommunications company called EE or Everything Everywhere. They bought Orange and T-Mobile. See where this is headed?

  8. Deg Lado all is like that. tauira, a rental property. A landlord takes all the risk, has to come up with the cash to buy it, manages it, deals with the tenant, maintains it, etc. then the landlord has to share some of its income gains with the goverment after all that and has to pay property taxes too.. if not the municipality will seize the home you bought in cash. Therefore in life we never “own” any income generating asset with out the attachment of our overlord mafia.

  9. I live in Dubai, His strategies are superb and always gives accurate results,having him trade for me has really elevated me financially.

  10. We have One World Government (headed by the Vatican implemented by the U.N.), One World Law (the ‘Lex Mercantoria or Law Merchant = no rights only contracts and priveleges) and a One World Monetary System (‘creditusing negotiatble instrumentsnot ‘moneyrepresented by the U.C.C.).

  11. sjappie ik weet niet exacte bron ik las het in ieder geval in een artikel over dat het diefstal was om die 4% te rekenen in een tijd dat weinig winst werd behaald en dat de belastingdienst het niet zou teruggeven en er een wet zou komen voor belasten naar werkelijk rendement

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