Bitcoin BOUNCE TO $8300 BEFORE DUMP?! – LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

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Is the Bitcoin (BTC) price going to bounce to $8300 before a dump, in my opinion?! Let's discuss this live today and some cryptocurrency trading technical analysis (TA) + current 2019 market news and price action + prediction on cryptos in today's video/live stream!

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Whakakape: Ko te ihirangi hipoki i roto i tenei ataata / awa ora NOT tohutohu haumi. Ahau NOT ahau he kaitohutohu pūtea. Ko toku ake whakaaro whaiaro anake enei, whakaaro, ngā tūtohi, tātari hangarau (TA), ngaahi fakakaukau, curated news publications and price prediction(s) hoki 2019 and beyond. mahi tonu koutou ake rangahau, me te anake haumi anake e hāngai ana i runga i tou ake kitenga, me te whakawa whaiaro. Trading and/or investing in Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (tiairaa'ra) or any other type of cryptocurrency or altcoin is extremely high risk and the market + price of any asset can crash at any time! Cryptos are incredibly volatile! You should always consult with a professional financial adviser before investing or trading any asset/commodity/etc. Ko te pono tenei ataata / awa ora mō ngā take whakangahau anake! —

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Bitcoin BOUNCE TO $8300 BEFORE DUMP?! – LIVE Crypto Trading Analysis & BTC Cryptocurrency Price News

22 kōrero

  1. Dont miss this big move guys! Bitcoin is the future! Why sell this smart guys !

  2. Andre Lapomarède well I bought 50% at 8k so if I have the opportunity to sell off around 8300 for some gains plus buy at a lower price it’s a win win situation for me lol

  3. Bear flag shouldn’t be ignored butWhich way it goes only Bitcoin knows. ranei ara, play your positions right and you’ll get that crypto!

  4. lmfaoooo average Joe anddddd James at the water coolerrrr bro let it go down so I can buy a lot more #InItToWinIt 16K BTC SELLSWEET SPOT.

  5. Hey Kirby!! James at the water is not fictional!! I saw him the other day by the water cooler drinking rekt tears!

  6. I’m a fomo at the top without leveraging so I’m forced to be a hodler which pushes the price up. So the more holders the higher the price climbs. Right 👍

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